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New Kosher Internet On The Way For Eretz Yisroel

in.jpgNeto Shops Ltd. and entrepreneur group DSK are planning to launch a private venture for the Chareidi community – an Internet search engine of websites and information pages with no direct link to the Internet.

Neto Shops aims to penetrate the Chareidi protected sphere to reach its 1.6 million consumers. The venture, called “Neto-to-Home” has won the backing of the Sacred Education Guards, the supreme authority for granting kosher permits in the Charedi sector. Neto-to-Home will provide users with information from many sources, including appropriate magazine articles, business, help wanted, and classified ads, prayer times, and so forth.

(Source: Globes)

10 Responses

  1. what is the value of this, if you cannot connect for airline tickets, travel info, business access, online shopping etc. what can you do with it?

  2. I highly recommend igoogle. you see only what YOU WANT to see through rss feeds or links, but you can order whatever you want. There is no graphic advertising. Of course this only works for people who want to avoid al peritzus.

  3. This is not really a solution since nothing is in real time. They would need to cache millions of sites and go through each one which is impossible. I personally manage multiple servers and this would never work for me. I personally have software that allow a few trusted people to access my computer at any time and see what I am doing. I think knowing that big brother can look at any time is a big shemirah.

  4. this will not be a problem for the chareidi community since the only use of the real internet is for business and noone in israel works so GOOD JOB!!!!!!!

  5. Buz Buz,

    I once thought about that. Making a service which tracks the sites you visit and send a list every week to your rav. That should do the trick.

  6. Pinchas:
    The software is out there already. I forgot the name of it. I think knowing that anyone can look at you real time is much bigger of a deterrent then some one going over lots of logs. Also this only helps for those that want big brother. I am not going to post it here but there are many ways to get around these programs.

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