VIDEO AND PHOTOS: Police Arrest 6 During Raid In Meah Shearim Office That Helps People Get IDF Deferments



Six people were arrested in Meah Shearim on Tuesday morning, after police arrived to raid an office.

Police say they arrived at a building on Chevra Shas Street in Meah Shearim armed with a court-signed search warrant. They were met with a group of people who protested their entry.

It appears this office is a location where people go to receive help with obtaining draft deferments. Police raided the office and confiscated computers and files.

Before the raid was over, dozens of Chareidim ended up in violent confrontations with police. Stones, garbage and other items were thrown at police, who arrived in riot gear to try and disperse the crowd.

6 people were taken into custody. It is unknown if they were inside the office, or they were arrested because of the Hafganah.

The raid took place at precisely the same time that a soldier dressed as a Charedi was walking in Meah Shearim causing many people to yell and protest his presence. Additionally, there was a minor protest at an IDF induction center in the area, as a yeshiva Bochur was reportedly arrested. (He has since been released).

Residents claim that police orchestrated the two other incidents at the same time to minimize the number of people who would be able to protest the raid of the office of Chevra Shas Street.

VIDEO & PHOTOS VIA: קבוצת מחאות החרדים הקיצוניים

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Everybody knows that this Meah Shearim Office that helps People Get IDF Deferments is 100% legal. The only problem is that Yaad Hayeshivas are accused of enlisting Yeshiva students into the IDF instead of differing them. Vaad Hayeshivas received about One Million NIS to help send Yeshiva students to the IDF of שמד.

  2. i was brought up that the men have to protect the women. ooking at the vidieo , it seems just the oppisite, the women are trying to protect the men.

  3. Very disturbing video. The viciousness of the police brutality is disgusting. It would NEVER be tolerated in any Western Nation. If this happened here in America, it would be round the clock news on every news outlet. Heads would roll. There would be public apologies. But alas, it’s in Jerusalem and it’s only against those evil Yerushalmies. Its only the daily provocation. Yes, even beating up women. Yawn. Who cares? What else is new?
    Of course there needs to be law and order, but the vicious brutality is unacceptable!

  4. Those of you who will defend those nothing to do bunch of lowlifes, and accuse policemen of brutality or aggressive tactics, remember if they just don’t bother police no one would be shoveled and pushed, no one would get hurt and arrested. Now the lowlifes use Palestinian tactics of bringing the children to the front and hiding behind them. Shame and we saw already a child got hurt earlier.
    I wonder how come people did not behave this way when they arrested few families in Lakewood. did you see that no one was protesting, no one was pushing police, and no one screamed Nazi at FBI agents. But calling Israeli soldiers & policemen who are grandchildren of Holocaust survivors and heroes who protect Jewish lives 24/7 Nazis that is a disgrace and people should be arrested just for that. In Germany if someone publicly says Nazi, he gets arrested, so should be the law in Israel.
    I bet if you ask children in Mea Shearim who are the Nazis in the history, they will definitely answer Israeli Zionist police. Obviously, that is what they are taught in yeshivas and obviously they don’t teach about World war 2.

  5. Unbelievable police brutality! I don’t care who they are or what they stand for I shiver when I see yidden getting beaten in ways I have never seen.
    Woman we’re getting beaten for not moving! Come on! I don’t what they are screaming or yelling. You don’t see this police violence anywhere in the country no matter what besides in meah shearim and by the arabs. These people despise the medinah and therefore it’s ok that they get their limbs broken and we just sit and watch. Anybody that can watch this and not cringe that another yid is bleeding hashem yerachem
    YWN thank you for sharing what our brothers are going through

  6. alexfrommy, what planet do you live on? This whole “action” was a clear cut provocation by the police and there are clear scenes of police brutality in the video.You also forget that the Jews being kicked and hit by the police are also children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors and their Torah learning protects us all. Meanwhile, Arabs are trying to kill Jews here in Israel and the police have nothing better to do that to invade a legal office and purposefully provoke and attack frum Jews?

  7. you guys do not know what police brutality is. The police in this video handled most people with kid gloves. Police brutality is a lot worse than this. And I find it despicable when anyone calls another Jew a “Nazi”. It is a true desecration of the memory of the six million “kedoshim” that were annihilated by the real Nazis. Anyone uttering that word against another jew is fi game for me.

  8. Its not police brutality until your the one that gets smacked in the face! I have seen this live the police are a bunch of animals who unleash themselves in these situations knowing they won’t suffer the consequences
    ENOUGH that it’s meah shearim and they deserve it, you guys are discusting. If you saw this being done by police to the lowest of the low shaigetz you would scream against our own yidden by so called Jews and you further degrade them

  9. teebee48, I’ve said many times in many contexts that the police in Israel feel that they can act with impunity because whoever they abuse, the majority of the public will support them. Beat up leftists? Well those Arab loving traitors had it coming. Beat up rightists? For once those fascists are getting a taste of the violence they support. Beat up charadim? The parasites should be glad they let them live. Beat up Arabs? Who even notices?

    Police in every country face a difficult job and will naturally use as much force as they can get away with to get the job done. Like everyone else with power they need to be held to account. Israel’s divided society means that there is little or no accountability. Instead of screaming about how we are being singled out (I’m not addressing this point to you teebee48) we should be joining forces with all the other elements in society who we disagree with to everyone’s mutual benefit.

  10. When I saw the shocking videos yesterday I didn’t bother commenting. It was pointless. Obviously the behavior displayed by so called frummer yidden was despicable and evil. A clarion call to teshuva. Hours later I saw the comments and I’m horrified that some people are defending this insanity. Raboisai! It’s almost Elul. Enough of this nonsense. Limaan Hashem, we need to do teshuva.

  11. After watching the video I find it difficult to contain feelings of revulsion. Those are ‘Bnei Torah’? Those are ‘Bnot Yisrael’? It seems that with every passing year Mea Shearim comes closer to resembling Gaza. Absolutely horrible.

  12. Clearly the video is edited in such a way as to leave out what the individual was doing to the officers before the officer man-handled (what some here call “police brutality”) the individual. Nothing can be concluded from such a video.

  13. To Moshiah on his way:
    My relative works for Vaad HaYeshivos, your story is not true, they never accepted $ from anyone with a request to send students to the army. That story is FAKE NEWS.

  14. To avraham…….

    My Dear Brother, So Sorry but You are dead wrong!!!
    it’s public knowledge that they received heavy funding (about a million NIS) to help draf Yeshiva students to the IDF, and they do NOT deny it. So please get your facts straight….
    Thank You.