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Tel Aviv District Court Accepts Class Action Suit Against El Al In The Amount Of 1.28 Billion NIS

The Tel Aviv District Court is recognizing a class action lawsuit against El Al Airlines in the amount of 1.28 billion shekels.

The petitioner requested the court view the case as a class action lawsuit based on changes made by the airline almost three years ago regarding terms of a ‘Matmid’ flyer.

The change in conditions included three changed conditions in respect of which the plaintiffs request the legendary sum:

1. Goals for which a bonus ticket will be required – more points will be required.

2. Goals for which a bonus ticket will be required – 50% more points will be required.

3. Ending the ability to purchase a ticket open for one year using bonus points.

The Tel Aviv District Court approved the filing of the class action and defined the members of the group as members of the four different levels of the club: regular, silver, gold and platinum – at the time of each of the changes in the plan they held points whose value was reduced due to the changes.

The court decision states: “A member of the club who buys a plane ticket to a certain destination knows that apart from the ticket he will accumulate points of economic value, so when he chooses to fly with the respondent, he may agree to pay for the ticket he offers more than he would pay the competitor.

Until the change in the plan, in February 2015, the price of bonus tickets was fixed and did not change for a decade. Thus, the members of the club were expected that the number of points that would be needed to obtain a ticket would not change easily, and certainly would not apply to the points they accumulated. ”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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