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Jewish Work On Shabbos in Israel; Will Litzman Pull Out of Government?

Health Minister Yaakov Litzman spoke to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Friday and told him that he would resign from the government if Jews continued to work on the Light-Rail in Tel Aviv on Shabbos. At the end of the conversation the two reached an agreement that the work would be done by non-Jews only.Testimonials from the field have arisen that Jews did indeed perform work on the construction this past Shabbos. Now the government waits to see if Litzman will make god on his threat and resign his Ministerial and Cabinet position.

The reports of Jews working on the Light-Rail came from Haaretz reporter Almog Ben Bichri who tweeted evidence of the work being done by Jews. The reporter added to his tweet the following text: It is said that governments fall over small details. While touring along the light-Rail lines I came across this worker. From all evidence he is Jewish and he said his name is Gregory. When I asked how he was violating the agreement that Jews shouldn’t work on the Light-Rail on Shabbos, he replied and said that he was not an employee of Israel Railways, but rather of a subcontractor named Gadish. So, one Jew worked. Litzman, it’s up to you now.”

Litzman stated on Friday that: “The continuing scenario in which the Shabbos day is turned into the technical fix-it day of the Israel-Railways, goes against the status quo, and is a direct impingement on Jewish and Israeli traditions and vile desecration of the holy Shabbos.

Litzman’s decision time

(This article was written by the Israel Desk after Shabbat had ended in Israel)

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