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VIDEO/PHOTOS: Chareidi Paratroopers Train On The ‘Eichmann’ Tower


Chareidi Paratroopers from Chetz (Arrow) Company of 202nd Paratroops Battalion, who were conscripted only three months ago, carried out their final training drill in preparation for their first landing which they will be executing in the coming days. The Chetz paratroopers’ course in the Tel Nof base includes 35 chareidi soldiers.

A video taken from the training course shows chareidi soldiers practicing for the first time on the legendary “Eichmann” Tower that has long been used as a training spot for soldiers of the Red Brigade. Soaring 12 meters high, the jumping tower, which is notoriously known as the “Eichmann” Tower, is the most formidable structure on the training ground. Jumping off the Eichmann Tower is a similar sensation to riding a zipline, albeit in this case, the person plummets a full three meters before the harness snaps into place and secures the person against the fall.

The rabbonim of the Nachal Chareidi Organization, who have escorted the chareidi Paratroopers since the group’s inception less than one year ago, relay that “As always in the special tracks reserved for chareidi soldiers, the course met all conditions of separation between men and women, provided kosher mehadrin food, 3 tefilos daily, shiurim and more. The success with which chareidi paratroopers integrates grueling training sessions with uncompromising adherence to a chareidi lifestyle is further evidence that one can enjoy the best of both worlds by being chareidi and, simultaneously, an excellent soldier.”

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(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. There is no comparison to be made between these fine men, who choose to take personal responsibility for the safety of our brothers and sisters in Eretz Yisroel, and the idle thugs who block the streets – even obstructing emergency vehicles R”L – when they should be learning.

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