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Poll: Americans in Israel Voted for Romney Big Time

According to an exit poll released by “iVoteIsrael”, an organization seeking to encourage Americans in Israel to vote, 85% of the voters selected Mitt Romney over the incumbent, US President Barak Obama.

Not surprisingly, the head of Democrats Abroad Israel Hillel Schenker dismissed the validity of the poll, which he calls “unscientific”, explaining the exit poll was based on information from voting stations in predominately Orthodox and right-wing areas. He stresses that there are no reliable polls that can indicate just how Americans in Israel vote.

The chairman of Republicans Abroad Israel L. Marc Zell views things a bit differently, accusing his democratic counterpart of being “out of touch with reality”.

Haaretz reports that when Zell was asked bout iVoteIsrael’s reported links to Republican billionaire Ronald S. Lauder, Zell said: “The charge that they’re biased is just silly. I thought they’ve done an excellent job of getting people registered.”

CNN’s Jonathan Mann, who moderated a pre-election discussion surrounding the candidates in Tel Aviv University, the number of Americans in Israel expected to vote topped 100,000, up from about 30,000 in 2008. iVoteIsrael places that number closer to 80,000.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Isnt it a waste for someone living in Israel to vote? which state gets his vote? it would be nice if all Israeli votes went to ohio

  2. Of course they want to vote in Israel.. The one thing on the residents of Israel’s mind is IRAN.. They know if they elect Romney , they have a chance of preventing Iran from any acts or attempts of destruction. VOTE ROMNEY!!

  3. Eric55- Everyone who is voting in Israel is registered as an “absenty vote”- meaning I live in N.Y.,N.J.,etc and am registered there, however I’m out of the country but would like to exercise my American right to vote. Once again it has to do with voting blocks not the actual vote. It shows politicians that there is a huge American presents in Israel, and Foreign Affairs shouldn’t be ignored because “they are over there”.

  4. Of course they vote Romney.
    They aren’t in an American Kollel. They don’t need our Food Stamps, Sec 8, Medicaid, Family Health Plus, Welfare, Vouchers, Earned Inc Credit.

  5. #4, Anyone who thinks Romney is going to get rid of those programs is nuts! He may tone them down a little, make people on welfare go out to work again, as opposed to obama who took that away. We really can’t handle another 4 years of this empty, incompetent suit in the White House.

  6. #4,

    they get supported by their parents (middle class) who have been reduced to getting “Food Stamps, Sec 8, Medicaid, Family Health Plus, Welfare, Vouchers, Earned Inc Credit.”
    and cant support their kids anymore

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