PM Netanyahu Preparing To Bring A Large Delegation To India As Relations Deepen


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu next week will be leading a delegation of 130 businessmen to India, where meetings and discussions will surround energy, defense, agriculture and other possible avenues of cooperation. The delegation will remain in India for six days as clearly, Mr. Netanyahu has placed building relations with India high on his Foreign Ministry agenda.

India’s Defense Ministry has announced it will be purchasing 130 Barak surface-to-surface missiles from Israel’s Rafael Advanced Weapons Systems. Israel is a major seller of weaponry to India, about $1 billion annually.

In addition to many deals and agreements being signed, among those traveling with the Prime Minister are Moishe Holtzberg, Sandra and Rabbi Rosenberg, his grandfather, as PM Netanyahu promised to take them on his next trip to permit Moishe to revisit the Mumbai Chabad House where his parents and others were murdered in a terror attack HY”D.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)