Unidentified Drone Over Terminal 3 Halts Ben Gurion Flights


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Emergency protocols for identifying and neutralizing flying objects over Ben Gurion Airport were ordered on Sunday evening as an unidentified drone was spotted flying over Terminal 3 just after 7:20 p.m. IST.

A Spokesperson for the airport said: “All flights, both departures, and arrivals were delayed by approximately 10 minutes. The airport returned to full operations after it was concluded that there was no security breach or threat and that the safety of all passengers was not threatened. The aviation ministry looks upon the matter of drones flying near or over the airport as a serious breach of regulations and wishes to emphasize that it is absolutely prohibited to fly drones anywhere near the airport. An official complaint was registered with Israeli police following the incident and an investigation has been opened to determine what exactly transpired.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)