WATCH: Despite Possibility That Police May Recommend His Indictment, Netanyahu Tells Populace Not To Worry



Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu sent a public video telling the citizens of Israel not to fret over “what will be?” with regards to the looming recommendation by the police that is expected in the near future to bring charges against the Prime Minister.

Netanyahu said that since the Attorney General is the one who decides whether or not there is enough evidence to press charges against an individual, he feels reassured that the legal system of Israel will recognize what he calls “the truth” and determine that there is nothing in the case to incriminate him.

“Recommendations will come. Signs will be posted stating that “Bibi is guilty until proven innocent” will also be coming, as will external false pressure against me. But in the end, I am certain that the relevant and authoritative legal powers that be will, at the end of the day, reach the one true decision, that there is nothing here.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)