PHOTOS: Mishalot Ambulance Reunites Elderly Brothers



Thanks to the MDA Mishalot Ambulance Shlomo and Avraham Locker met after not seeing each other for two years due to their medical condition. The moving meeting took place at the Crusader restaurant in Caesarea harbor, which volunteered to host the meeting.

For two years now that the brothers Shlomo and Avraham Locker have not met, their health has prevented it. But last week, following the request of Berta Marshali, Avraham’s daughter, to MDA, they finally met through Magen David Adom’s special ambulance.

Shlomo, the youngest brother, aged seventy-eight, lives in Bat Yam. Avraham, his older brother, is eighty-five years old and lives in Upper Nazareth. The two are in bad health, so they could not travel to visit each other.

Magen David Adom’s Mishalot teams, equipped with adapted medical equipment, enabled the two Holocaust survivors to bridge the distance and meet after such a long time that they were separated. The Mishalot Ambulance headed by paramedic Avi Amoyal and the paramedics Itzik Levy and Natalie Sabag took Avraham from his home in Nazareth Illit and the Mishalot Ambulance headed by paramedic Yonat Daskal and medic Tomer Bar Levi who took Shlomo from his home in Bat Yam and they were told during the trip the exciting meeting would took place in the restaurant Crusaders restaurant in Caesarea Harbor so that the brothers and their families could enjoy the time together and not worry about their safety.

Shlomo Locker thanked the MDA ambulance staff for the meeting: “Thank you very much, you have done a great mitzvah. “This meeting is really a dream, a good dream that gives strength to heal, it is a feeling that is hard to describe.” Avraham, his older brother, added: “This meeting gives strength and a will to live longer.

“The brothers were thirsty for the meeting, and despite the fact that the wish itself was quite simple, they were very excited and appreciated it,” said MDA Paramedic Yonat Daskal, who is in charge of the MDA Wish Mishalot that accompanied Shlomo to the meeting.

Yael Locker, wife of Shlomo and Berta Marshali and Eric Locker, Avraham’s children summed up the moving experience: “This is a very important project, the teams were caring, and they asked Avraham and Shlomo how they felt every time they did a great mitzvah. There are no words to describe this experience, such things expose the good people we have in the country.”

Moshe Ben Naim, the owner and chef of the Crusader restaurant in the port of Caesarea, who hosted the meeting, said: “Our restaurant has seen many guests, but we have never had such an exciting hospitality, and we are happy to be part of such an exciting project.

MDA Director General, Eli Bin: “The Mishalot Ambulance project has already seen many exciting moments over the years, but the meeting that took place last week was one that will not be forgotten among the staff members who took part in it. , If required to “recharge the batteries” in order to deal with illness – or in order to grant the last possible kindness.

The Mishalot Ambulance, “Ambulance of Wishes”, is an initiative of Magen David Adom, which aims to fulfill the requests of people dealing with serious or terminal illnesses and whose mobility ability has been lost. The fulfillment of each wish is carefully planned, in coordination with the physician in charge of the patient and in the best suitability for his needs, and, of course, accompanied by a trained medical team.

The nature of the wishes is usually of emotional and personal value: participation in family events, reunion with the community to which he belonged, visiting heritage and religious nature sites or watching cultural and sporting events.

The patient is transported to the sites, at his request, in a dedicated ambulance equipped with medical systems at the forefront of technology and adapted to his unique needs. The ambulance also includes a wheelchair with special capabilities, a camera installed on the roof of the ambulance, which allows the passenger to watch the road on the screen, a refrigerator for medicines, resuscitation equipment and a special bed.

The service is provided free of charge, regardless of religion, race or nationality, and with a warm, devoted and loving attitude. Persons wishing to request the service may phone 1-800-600-101.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem/Photo Credit: MDA Spokesman Unit)