VIDEO/PHOTOS: OTD Man Creates A Scene Outside Itzkowitz Shteiblach In Bnei Brak



After a number of provocations that have the common denominator of blatant contempt for everything sacred, this formerly Frum Yid R”L, stood at the main entrance to Itzkowitz in Bnei Brak on Monday morning, 25 Adar, waving a large poster displaying a most immodest photo of a female.

This is the same individual who burned tefilin and uploaded it to Facebook and was involved in public Chillul Shabbos in Bnei Brak. All of his escapades were intentionally recorded by cell phone cameras.

Angry mispallalim on Monday morning tore up the disgusting poster and according to eyewitnesses, some even knocked away phones being used to record the incident.

Two policemen arrived and distanced the provocateur and a female who accompanied him all the while a number of locals, including quite a few adults, protested vigorously over their despicable and humiliating actions.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem/Photo Credit: לוחמי החיים)


  1. unfortunately some people go off the derech and harbor deep hatred towards religious people for unfortunate events that happened to them when they were religious.

    We should use this as a reason to introspect to see how we can improve to cut down on such tragedies.

    Generally it is a problem in a unloving home or a cruel teaching staff or no peer group friends, but we must do our best to help.

  2. Can you explain to me what the point of this article and video is? And do you know what his poor parents must be feeling like when you post such a thing about their son? And it gets sent all over the place?
    Maybe a bit more thought process before you post something that will hurt others and gain absolutely nothing.

  3. and to think that this boy once learnt in yeshivas “Torah be’Tifarta” in Elad, is sooo shocking!!!
    what happened that made him so anti!

  4. Putting aside his OTDness, from his actions it sounds like he is suffering from some sort of Mental Illness, most OTD people as much as they dislike Tfillin would not burn them, they would likely sell them

  5. Why is he any different​ then any other weird group which spews thier Garbage all the time. Neturei karta and satmar come to mind. I dont see anyone wanting to or attempting to hurt others who offend us.

  6. Somebody should go and put their arm round him . then take him for a coffee! Maybe that would all be it takes to bring him back.
    Yelling at him is certainly not going to help.

  7. Hang on. All women in this story are referred to as “a female.” Meanwhile, this guy is harassing people, yet he’s referred to as “formerly frum yid,” “individual,” and “provocateur”, based on him and his actions, and not “a male”, based simply on his gender. Women are not provocative objects. They are people. Please change the article’s language to reflect that.

  8. Zaltz; You’re comments are off base. The man was identified as a man in the headline, only then was he referred to by the various descriptions. Whenever the word female is used it is the initial mention of that person. Apparently the female companion was not engaging in provocation so she was not called a provocateur. You apparently view the word female as provocative, go figure.

  9. To bringthemcloser andzhavasdad – I agree with both your comments. It’s a rachmones for his family, nebach, & I’m sure plenty of readers can identify him & his family. But this isn’t the first time this man has done this in Bnei Braq, so perhaps a restraining order should be put on him for going near the city. Or even better, get him a mental evaluation. He’s more to be pitied at this stage.