R’ Yaakov Yosef: Voting Likud is an ‘Isur D’oraissa’


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It appears tensions between Shas and Likud/Beitenu are continuing to increase as Rav Yaakov Chai Yosef released a statement that if one votes Likud in the general elections, one has transgressed an “isur D’oraissa”. During a weekly shiur, the rav had harsh words for frum and traditional voters planning to cast their ballot for Likud, stating such a move is simply prohibited, explaining this falls under ‘לפני עיוור לא תיתן מיכשול’.

Rabbi Yosef explained “Likud runs the country, including the Ministry of Education” and he blames them for the large number of youths R”L who simply do not know anything about Yiddishkheit, particularly due to Likud’s control over the nation’s public schools.

Regarding statements made by Bayit HaYehudi leader Naftali Bennett against refusing orders if it comes to removing Jews from their homes, Rabbi Yosef stated “One must refuse such orders, quoting a psak from HaGaon HaRav Avraham Kahane Shapira ZT”L. “Those soldiers who took part in removing Jews from Gush Katif brought the missiles to Gush Dan,” adding they will have to give a cheshbon in this world as well as the next.

“Netanyahu will not commit not to remove additional communities. It is most worrisome when he speaks against insubordination. Only a fool does not see Netanyahu plans to oust additional Jews from their homes. He is now working to persuade people to support him and anyone voting Likud has a hand in his transgression.”

Rabbi Yosef stated he is not involved in politics and will not tell people which party to vote for.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Does Rav Yosef ensure that SHAS votes also against further demolitions and disengagements?
    Does SHAS also advocate no removing of Jews from their homes? Never heard that that Eli or Aryeh…

  2. interestingly enough, rav shteinmann also just said (watch video) that by not voting one is over “lo taamod al dam reecha”… issur deoraita

  3. This mixing of politics and halacha is a bit overdone. You can probably find some basis in daas torah to make any policy decision you want seem inappropriate but to say voting for party A or party B is an “issur D’oraissa” is really devaluing the notion of adherence to halacha.

  4. Where is the source for this news? Is it a video? I feel like some things are being lost in translation.

    @number 4: I think you’re missing something in your emunas chachamim. Yes, it’s tempting to say, oh he’s just using halacha for his own party gains. You think R’ Ovadia is doing this because he likes the power and respect he gets when Shas has a lot of seats in the Kneset? He genuinely cares about Yidden’s welfare and the nation’s Yiddishkeit. Do you think Halacha is something detached from real life? No, a posek is able to show us how halacha applies even in areas not discussed in shulchan aruch. If he’s saying that voting for a party is an isur that’s because he knows that the current politics is NOT detached from halacha and our current ability to keep torah and mitzvos.