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16-Year-Old From Yerushalayim Claims Police Beat Him After Being Arrested At Protest

Earlier this week, during a chareidi protest at Kikar Shabbos in Jerusalem following the arrest of at least four Meah Shearim residents, two minors who interfered with police efforts to clear the area were taken into custody.

One of the youths, following his release, went on camera and is quoted telling Kikar Shabbos, “They arrested at the protest on Yechezkel Street and beat me severely. Meir Greenfield, the young man’s name, added they took his eyeglasses and broke them.

He explains that the trauma he suffered will not be forgotten for a long time, accusing police of beating him without justification.

In response to the report, police officials explain he has the right to file a formal complain if he feels this is in order.

The only issue with his claims that police broke his glasses, was that his glasses were broken prior to the arrival of police. They were broken by an angry Chareidi passenger on an Egged bus – who was frustrated with the street being closed by the few youths.

See the video below:

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

8 Responses

  1. @Takes2-2tango, seems like you had a different opinion of parents abusing their children in a different article, or you only feel this way towards Jews whom you don’t like?

  2. dear mr Takes2-2tango

    you are aware of the mitzva of “v’uhavto l’ray’achu komoichu” ? do you want the same for yourself ?

  3. what do you mean beat him without justification? he was creating havoc and stopping innocent people from getting to work, shopping, doctors appointments and did not listen to the police telling them to stop blocking traffic and causing havoc.

    He should be put in jail with his broken glasses and have to take classes in what is the difference between a frum animal and a normal human being…

  4. @luckshun kugel, I’m sure you would feel the same if that happened to your kid.
    Israel is still officially a democracy which gives the right to remain silent in an interrogation.
    He was beaten for utilizing his democratic right to remain silent.

    Then people wonder why moshiach is not here yet. You can feel the hatred towards fellow Jews.

  5. Somehow this all seems to turn into us hating another Jew. self deprecating of our own religion of sorts.

    Why do I not have the right to voice my opinion on something that someone else does, that I despise and wish they would not do, if I feel he was wrong, without being labeled and anti semite?

    It’s not hatred toward another yid. It’s behavior that I do not agree with and reserve the right (living in a democratic state) to voice my opinion about.

    If I feel he did wrong – I can have an opinion about how he should be punished, without me being labeled anti anything. I’m anti Thug – the religion is a bi-product of the matter here.

  6. @Torah Perspective:
    1. The kid is a liar. It is very obvious who broke his glasses.
    2. Nobody has more hatred to fellow jews than these leidigeyers who have nothing to do with their lives, except block traffic and inconvenience thousands of fellow jews.
    3. If my son spent his time blocking traffic, I most certainly would discipline him. There are various forms of discipline. Not necessarily a beating, but this kid deserves one.

    1. see #3 above.
    2. It’s “Ve’ahavta Le’Reyecha Kamocha” – learn to speak properly.

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