VIDEO: Murder Indictment Filed Against Chareidi Mom Whose Infant Died In Hotel Jacuzzi



The Israel Police investigation into the death of a four-week-old baby and the arrest of his mother, an investigation police called “Complex”, has ended. The mother, a member of the chareidi tzibur, has been charged with murder in the indictment filed in the Southern District Prosecutor’s Office.

Efforts to prevent an autopsy failed and the court’s permitted a partial autopsy, permitting police to determine the infant died as a result of his mother placing him into a jacuzzi in their room in the Miami Hotel in Ashdod.

Initially, both mom and dad were jailed, and then released to house arrest. The mother was sent for an evaluation to determine if she is fit to stand trial and be held accountable for her actions. Mom told police she saw the Shechina and was told to place the child in the jacuzzi as he was to be “Melech Moshiach”.

Another difficult testimony that police investigators took was from the mother of the suspect who also stayed at the hotel. According to her, she went to the room twice during the morning hours, but her entry was denied on a different basis.

The third time she opened the door and noticed the child’s father sitting and crying and that the baby was in the water. At this point she did not lose her temper and immediately took the toddler out of the water and began carrying out basic life-saving activities and at the same time instructed the infant father to summon an ambulance.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)