PHOTOS: Child Born After 46 Years Celebrated His ‘Chalaka’ Today

Shimon Chaim Shachar with his father, Rav Shmuel, at the chalaka

The child born to a couple after 46 years of marriage marked his chalaka this Lag B’Omer. The child was born to a 67-year-old father and a 65-year-old mother and he had his hair cut by the Nadvorna Rebbe Shlita with his now 70-year-old father standing by all smiles.

For this couple, the simcha is indeed something special and by the smiles evident on the face of the rebbe and others, it was a special event for all present.

The child, Shimon Chaim, was named after Rashbi and in thanks to the Admor, the Be’er Yaakov of Nadvorna ZT”L who promised the couple they would merit hugging a son and he would do everything possible to make sure of this. Shimon Chaim was born on 29 Iyar 5775 to Rav Shmuel Shachar and his wife Miriam.

Rav Shmuel brought his only child to the rebbe, in Meron, for his chalaka. There was much joy as they placed tzitzis on Shimon Chaim and he made a bracha, as he was showered with brachos.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Gaon, the age makes sense. If she was married at 19, she would be 65 after 46 years. This is not the oldest woman to give birth. At least two women ages 66+ have given birth, albeit with IVF using donor eggs. According to Guinness, the oldest woman to give birth through natural conception was 59.

  2. Married long before the first successful IVF procedure. Hopes and dreams for 46 years only to see the what was probably considered science fiction to finally come true. Amazing story.

  3. We are living again in the age of miracles. Look all around us and witness the closeness of Hashem, once again. Our geulah will soon be here.
    Mazel tov to the parents. May they be zoche to see much nachos from him and einiklach too.