PHOTOS: Chareidi Soldier Killed In Motorcycle Crash; Colleagues Ask People To Attend Levaya As They Can’t



IDF soldier Eliyahu Biton, 20, of Yerucham was killed in a motorcycle accident on Tuesday, Rosh Chodesh Sivan while on his way to visit his dad in a hospital. His motorcycle skidded in the area of the Maccabim Checkpoint and he was killed.

MDA paramedic Oren Kinar explains upon their arrival, they found him near the divider, having suffered multisystem trauma. His motorcycle was dozens of meters away from him. He was treated and transported in very serious condition. He was pronounced dead in the hospital a short time later.

His colleagues in Nachal Chareidi are not able to attend the levaya so they are asking Am Yisrael to do so in their place. “Please come to give a last kovod to one of our combatants”, their message reads.

The levaya for the soldier is scheduled to take place on Wednesday evening in Yerushalayim, at 11:30PM in Shamgar.

Biton is from a chareidi family. He entered the IDF and served in Nachal Chareidi. His father is Rabbi Reuven Biton, who heads the S’dei Boker Kollel in Yerucham. He was a talmid in a Jerusalem yeshiva.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)