IDF Spokesman: Hamas Lied in its Description of Events Along Gaza Border


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IDF Spokesman Brigadier-General Ronen Manelis announced that Hamas continues to lie, describing violent confrontations along the Gaza border as “peaceful”, when it is now a known fact the terrorist organization instructed participants to become violent, and it has even been learned that many of them participated because Hamas paid them.

Hamas paid many over recent week as it staged weekly protests along the Gaza border, actions that included attempts to break and/or compromise the integrity of the border fence when possible. Hamas worked hard to dupe Western media sources in the hope of bringing world attention against Israel. Manelis comments in the Wall Street Journal in his piece entitled “The Truth About Hamas and Israel”, dated May 20, 2018, detailing what really occurred and how Hamas orchestrated the border clashes while duping western media and some leaders.

He points out the rioting that occurred on March 30, 2018 was labeled the March of Return and organized by Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Manelis explains how the Gazans were transported to the border by bus, receiving $14 for participating, and $100 to families as they wanted women and children too. There were payments of $500 for injured persons, those wounded in the cross-border clashes.

Hamas’ Salah Bardawil has already admitted 50 of the 62 people Hamas claimed were killed by the IDF were Hamas soldiers, not innocent civilians as first reported around the world.

Manelis also documents Hamas leader Mahmoud Al-Zahar also admitted the May 13, 2018 protests along the border were not “peaceful resistance” actions as Hamas claimed. Manelis adds that despite all this, there are Western media outlets that prefer publishing the lies to bolster the Hamas initiative against Israel, rather than going with what really occurred.

Some of the examples were the NY Daily News and New York Times, with the latter running the headline, “Israeli forces kill dozens in Gaza as U.S. Embassy opens in Jerusalem”.

By now, it should be clear for all those wishing the truth, as opposed to those nations who prefer to continue criticizing Israel and playing into Hamas efforts in Gaza to gain media notoriety.

Published on isru chag from Yerushalayim.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Duh. Islam considers lying a virtue. The mainstream media accepts every word emanating from a Muslim as gospel truth. Even they don’t believe themselves.

    Islam is not a religion, and has zero moral basis to its system. It is an ideology, based on rabid hate. It is a bloodthirsty lifestyle, and is completely self serving. It has no standing among humans whose lives are based on a system of morality. It cannot be redirected, and efforts to modify their behavior are doomed to fail. No Islamic country ever responded to negotiation. They only cowered down when faced with military might that overwhelmed them. Hamas needs to be crushed. The sooner they perish, the better the Middle East will be.