A First In 70 Years: Talmidei Yeshivos Will Not Report To IDF Induction Centers


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For a first time in 70 years, bnei yeshivos will not be reporting to IDF induction centers around the country. Following the actions of the Vaad Yeshivos, representatives of the IDF will come to chareidi centers in various cities and there the bnei yeshivos will register instead of each talmid being compelled to visit an induction center.

The issue of reporting to induction centers came up in the context of the passing of the Lapid Law a few years ago. Some of the Admorim asked the Vaad Yeshivos to make changes in the arrangement that had been in effect, and even then, the committee moved to a concentrated process of meeting, a special meeting in which everyone arrives together, accompanied by a staff member from the yeshiva, who helps the boys if necessary.

On Tuesday, 8 Sivan, it was revealed that the Vaad Yeshivos has been working quietly for months to make this new arrangement, to prevent the need for talmidim to report to the secular environment of an induction center, but rather having an IDF representative visit the community. This will be a major time saver and prevent having to expose lomdei Torah to the unwanted realities of an induction center.

The project began earlier this week in Netivot, and representatives of the IDF arrived at a community center and met with bnei Torah, the area’s 17-year-olds, who completed their first form to register with the IDF. The new system is expected to continue in other venues this week.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. good to hear. hopefully now they will work on supermarkets coming to their yeshiva to sell them food and clothing stores coming in to sell them what they need also. G-d forbid a yeshiva bachur should ever have to walk on the street and be exposed to other people. what ever happened to yeshiva bachurim working on middos to try to help them be able to walk places without being over any issurim? this new law is significant in that it limits bitul torah, but why is the article focusing on this silly idea?

  2. To “Daasyeshara”!
    You seem to know not much about whats going on in EY. It has been a major issue for Bochurim to go to the “Lishkat Hagiyus”, since those freie Yidden/Chilonim used to convince the Bochrim to go to the IDF. Sometimes they caused other issues too. That was all only possible when the Bachurim went to their premisses, now this won’t happen anymore BE”H. It has absolutaly nothing to do with Bitul Tora and wandering through streets… Kol Hakavod to Vaad Hayeshivos!

  3. All this seems to show is that Peleg were / are right: the only thing the politicians and the IDF understand is brute force.

  4. The Delicate Yeshiva Boys whose Yiddishkeit is so Powerful and Strong can’t withstand going to file an exemption at an office. Because all the learning they do has made them so weak that only Strength comes from sitting in streets? How about if the NEW POLICY WAS: 10 Yeshiva Guys had go together to the IDF office and while waiting learn a Daf, ask others there to join in Daf YOMI or Tehillim, hand out water, and act so respectfully that a Kiddush Hashem is made, and all the Jews in the Office Admire Bnai Torah And the Torah they Learn? What do you think our Creator would want?

  5. Because not for a minute should anyone believe that The Peleg will stop the Angry Street Protests- they’ll find new excuses for them, because Just Like Palestinians and ANTIFA OCCUPY Leftists the Leaders keep youth riled up and angry at Others by Street protests, and they keep power and Divert attention away from systemic poverty

  6. One of the reasons they PELEG leaders were upset was the IDF would find out that many Boys were NOT learning all day, Many of them are out eating drinking dancing smoking Wandering streets.

  7. In all the Hundreds of years of Jewish history, we went through Progroms, Blood Libels, Holocaust, Bolsheviks, Czarist Russia, Fascism, expulsion—WE ALWAYS KEPT OUR DIGNITY AND MODESTY! NEVER HAVE YIDDEN BEHAVED AS DISGUSTINGLY AS PELEG PROTESTORS!! Shouting and Sitting in GUTTERS, BURNING Garbage, Kicking, SHouting, Blocking Traffic, Treating other Jews Horribly! How DARE PELEG RABBIS Teach Jewish Youth to ACT LIKE PA TERRORISTS GOYIM!! How Dare They!!

  8. All Yidden Over age 50 were brought up to know how to Learn AND use the Torah Middos to be Frum no matter the “Environment” of business, Medicine, Law, file exemption at Secular office like Motor Vehicles, Insurance, Army, Tax, Banks.

    But this New 20 year olds are so weak in Yiddishkeit they have to be Kept inside Yeshiva (Except to Riot in Gutters and Jails) And now NONE are Doctors, Lawyers, Dentists, Accountants- NONE. How Far they’ve Fallen in Strength of Yiddishkeit that their Middos aren’t strong enough.

  9. Now, what about the girls. There should be an arrangement to protect them from being under pressure to enlist. I’ve heard horror stories where they are asked questions that no Beis Yakov girl would know to prove she’s not frum

  10. All the armchair zionists in the U.S. and elsewhere who have never entered an IDF recruitment office
    should be smart enough to realize that this new arrangement has little, if anything. to do will what the yeshivas and their talmidim want. It is simply more efficient in terms of time and money for the army to do it the new way. They could have done this years ago, but are only implementing it now.
    And le’ma’an Hashem, enough with the hyper-criticism of yeshiva bochurim. Just because one particularly prolific commenter apparently wouldn’t mind sending her son into one of these less-than-tznius establishments doesn’t mean everyone else has to follow her lead. The ones sitting around in the coffee shops are not the ones who are concerned about guarding what they see. Even if some of them dress the same. With friends like this….

  11. There is today a sizeable group of ostensibly frum, Chareidi youth who are really only partially Chareidi, formerly Chareidi, and everything in between. The IDF is more savvy nowadays about the Chareidi community. They have learned, for instance, how a typical yeshiva guy or frum girl dress, so when say, a guy walks in dressed in a polo shirt, sport shoes, without a hat & jacket –even though he has a letter from a yeshiva — the soldier behind the desk immediately smells that something is fishy. They do a search of social media. Sometimes, this yeshiva bochur has, say, a Facebook page where they find photos of the guy perhaps partying in a pub, with girls, etc. So, he’s obviously not a Chareidi yeshiva bochur. THESE are the guys they are trying to “force” into the IDF, because in truth they’re really not Chareidi and certainly not learning full time. The same for a girl who walks in with the “wrong” look. They check her for social media, and if they find photos inappropriate for a frum girl, they urge, pressure, insist that she enlist. These are the only types that are being “coerced” into joining the IDF.
    Apparently Rav Shmuel Auerbach zt”l held that even these types are better off not enlisting in the IDF, where he felt they might deteriorate even further. It seems that Rav Steinman zt”l and Rav Chaim Kanievsky shlit”a disagree with that. The ruckus that Satmar has been fomenting against the IDF “shlepping” frum youngsters into the army is about these types and these types only. Mainstream Chareidi boys and girls are not being forced to enlist in the army against their will. At least not at present.