Health Ministry Warns Residents Of Yishuv Itamar They May Be Forced To Vaccinate Against Measles


Due to the fear of measles, the Ministry of Health is threatening residents of Itamar that if they refuse to be vaccinated, they will be forcibly vaccinated.

“The outbreak of measles has increased significantly in the last few days among the residents of Itamar,” said Dr. Eran Kopel, a doctor at Petah Tikvah’s Health Ministry, who wrote to the head of the Shomron Regional Council, “To date, we have confirmed six cases among the 1,200 residents of the community”.

“I hereby declare that every infant and child between the ages of 6 months and 18 years of age is required to complete the routine vaccination against measles as soon as possible, in the well-being (Tipat Chalav) clinic or in the Health Bureau,” added Dr. Kopel.

According to the law in every city or village a contagious disease may become an epidemic, the Health Ministry has the authority to demand that the residents be vaccinated against their will in order to protect the citizens and prevent infection, and that a person who objects to the vaccination risks paying a fine of more than NIS 14,000 or a month in prison.

Shomron Regional Council officials add, “The importance of protecting the health of the public, the children and the infants, is of paramount importance to us, and therefore, although this is not the role of the Council, according to our knowledge, an absolute majority of residents of Itamar are vaccinated and not as the letter sent.”

It was also written that the draconian letter addressed to the residents by the Ministry of Health – and soon thereafter disseminated to the media – contains nothing but a cheap prank on the backs of the residents of Itamar. “We expect the Ministry of Health, which is in charge of the issue, to act to stop the outbreak of the disease and not to be satisfied with writing letters and interviews to the media.”

“The council will continue to work in cooperation with the Ministry of Health to ensure the health of its residents, and calls upon the Ministry of Health to stop the outbreak of the disease immediately.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Why would anyone in their right mind object to their children being vaccinated against measles? It’s extremely contagious – one of the most contagious diseases commonly found in any country – and it can lead to death or life-long handicaps. If you want to know more about why vaccination is important – and why most Gedolim say it’s necessary – check out Dr. Richard Roberts’ videos at The Lakewood Scoop.