New Community For Special Needs Persons Being Established Near Beit Rimon


The new community of Shibolet will be built next to Beit Rimon, with the latter being a religious kibbutz in the Lower Galil. The uniqueness of the new community of Shibolet will be it will be a community for the special needs population.

Agriculture Minister (Bayit Yehudi) Uri Ariel is accompanying the process of establishing Shibolet. On Tuesday, 3 Elul, Ariel said, “I merited being among the initiators of the community from its inception. Yesterday, in the government Housing Cabinet, it was decided to approve three new settlements, and this announcement bodes a refreshing and Zionist move that will give renewed strength to in order to continue and to settle the land.”

In his words, he gave a chizuk to the Lower Galil Regional Council and its residents, claiming that they would be happy to adopt new settlers, who also include people with disabilities, who see this as a supreme value.

Ofir Shik, founder of the Shibolet Association: “Shibolet will be established as a unique model for the glory of the state in which people with disabilities will live alongside people without disabilities and will strengthen the settlement in the Lower Galil.”

“In a survey conducted by the Israel Association of Community Centers, it was reported that about 90% of parents of children were not interested in their children participating in activities (such as a summer camp, recreational activities etc.) with a child with a disability and said that the survey proves the necessity of such a community,” Shik told the Kippa website.

Dozens of interested families have already made a first move into possibly making their home in Shibolet, which hopes to begin populating in 2021.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)