PHOTOS: Rechasim: Pre-Rosh Hashanah Hakoras Hatov Event For The City’s Emergency Volunteers



A special evening of hakoras hatov was held in Rechasim to thank the many police, security and EMS volunteers who operate in the city year-round.

Councilmen Ravbi Shlomo Humminer and Rav Netanel Chayik were present, as were commanders of the city police patrols, and representatives of theIDF Homefront Command, the fire department, MDA, United Hatzalah, ZAKA, Ezer Mizion and Yedidim.

Mayor Rav Yitzchak Reich addressed the event, praising and thanking the many volunteers for their commitment and mesirus nefesh, operating around-the-clock all year for the good of the community.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem/ Photo Credit: Media Resource Group)


  1. Great idea. Should be emulated in every city. The thousands of dedicated volunteers who often hardly get as much as a ‘Thank you’. Their work needs to be publicised and gratitude shown.