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Israeli Prisoners to Receive Arba Minim For Free For First Time

Each year, family members of prisoners in the Israeli prison system need to purchase Arba Minim for their loved ones behind bars. This year, however, the Chief Rabbinate of the prison system has attained a budget to purchase the arba minim for inmates. Junior Commissioner Rabbi Ofer Moshe Elmaliach serves as the Chief Rabbi for the prison services and was instrumental in attaining the allocated budget according to a report that appeared in Bechadrei Charedim.

The total amount of sets being purchased by the Prison Service is approximately 260 under the hashgacha of the Eidah Charedis. “With the arrival of the sets at the offices of the  Rabbanut of the prison services, we separated the various different types of Esrogim and lulavim. We have some that are large and follow the Yemenite tradition of Rav Mahpud, some follow the Chazon Ish, while others follow the tradition of Chabad. The sets will be distributed to a number of prisons across the country in which there has been a strong request for these sets. They include: Tzalmon in the north, Rimonim near Tel Mond, Ayalon between Ramle and Lod, and Dekel and Aleh prisons near Beer Sheva,” said Elmaliach.

“I think that worrying about our prisoners is not only for their benefit but also to the benefit of their family as well. Instead of their families having to worry, the Prison System will no help them in this matter We have made it a priority this year. In addition, every prisoner who wishes to have a Sukkah made available for him to eat in will have one,” he concluded.

The purchasing of the sets will cost the Prison Services some 50,000 NIS.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. 50000 NIS for 260 sets comes out to just under 200 shekels per set. I know plenty of avreichim who can’t afford 200shekel for a dalet minim and they buy a very nice 80shekel mehudar kosher set for themselves and their boys. why are we spending 2 and a half times that per set on prisoners?????

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