RECHNITZ: Baalei Machlokes Who Accept My Tzedakah Are STEALING; Leading To ‘Obliteration Of Klal Yisroel’ [FULL VIDEO & TEXT]

R' Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz speaking at the Kaminetz Chanukas Habayis / Simchas Bais Hashoeva - dedicating the building that the Rechnitz family donated.

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As has become an annual event, philanthropist R’ Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz spoke at the Thursday night Simchas Bais Hashoeva at the Mir Yeshiva in Yerushalayim. The event was attended by thousands of Yeshiva Bochurim, Kollel Yungerleit, and supporters of the Yeshiva – and watched by thousands more on live webcast.

In previous years, Rechnitz stunned the crowd as he pledged astronomical support to the Yeshiva and its Yungerleit. Additionally, it is widely known that when delivering speeches around the globe, Rechnitz tackles issues that many shy away from. One of those speeches occured in Lakewood where he spoke about children not being accepted into Lakewood Yeshivas.

On Thursday, R’ Shlomo Yehuda spoke about the too-long-lasting split in the “Oilam Hatorah” of the Litvish community, which has torn apart families, Mosdos, and well known Yeshivas.

Rechnitz called the current situation “one of the biggest divides and unrest Klal Yisroel has faced,” and warned “it can only lead to the obliteration of KLAL YISROEL as we know it today.”

It is well known that Rechnitz gives donations to practically all Mosdos of Torah and Chesed – on all sides of the spectrum. He stated: “Anyone who includes themselves in the ugliness of trying to convert this from a mere CHILUKEI DEIOS to an outright destructive MACHLOKES in a public manner, should not and cannot be NEHENE from any money that I contribute.”

Rechnitz also bemoaned the fact that “innocent children who are now 11 or 12 years old, know of nothing but Machloikes”, describing them as “BA’ALEI MUM”.

He compared the indoctrination of these children to Holocaust denial, describing the “sheer abuse” when a child describes a NAZI as a “Frum Bochur or Yungerman who joins the Army”.

He told the crowd point blank, “go to the army” rather than be involved in Machlokes.


The speech begins at around the 2:51:00 mark of the video embedded below, which is a full livestream of the event.

I want to preface my remarks this evening with the following very detailed disclosures.

Firstly, there is no secret that LETZAREINU HARAV, there is strife and discord in today’s OILOM HAYESHIVOS. I can’t tell you the reasons behind the dispute, I can’t tell you with certainty who is siding with who in this conflict, I definitely don’t know who’s right and who’s wrong, nor am I sure that there is a right and a wrong. What I CAN tell you is that the publicity and the outright CHILUL HASHEM that this causes on a daily basis, is beyond belief, without precedent, and is creating a HASHCHOSO, a carnage which can only lead to the obliteration of KLAL YISROEL as we know it today. Although I’m not considered a MAVEN in Jewish history, I cannot say for certain that this is not one of the biggest divides and unrest that KLAL YISROEL has faced throughout her rich history. It is a natural phenomena that when people are enmeshed and embroiled, especially in a dispute that has lasted a while, there comes a point where they lose their objectivity, which can at times cause them to become irrational, skewed in their reasoning and unyielding in their views.

Sometimes a new set of outside eyes, or an impartial view is in order.

You’d be right if you would ask why the opinion of a PRUSTEH BALEBUS from a different country should carry any weight or should even have the audacity to inject himself into something that is out his p league and over his pay scale, and in fact you would be right for asking, or better yet, you would be mostly right. But I and other TOMCHEI TORAH, have a right to know the final destination of our contributions.


I’m here to let you know that I’ve never signed up for this, so let me be perfectly clear. I know there were CHILUKEI DEIOS between several GEDOILIM, and in fact, throughout our heritage there has been many disagreements where we may have accepted one parties’ argument, but we all agreed that “EILU VAEILU DIVREI ELOIKIM CHAYIM”.  Unfortunately, in this 7 year unprecedented battle we have all taken it to new heights and new places, places that are very dangerous to lurk in. There’s clearly no problem if anyone or everyone follows the advice of their Rov or their Rosh Yeshiva. KLAL YISROEL always had different M‘SOIROS, but to go even one inch beyond that and to higher it to new levels, or discuss it in a way that will lead to provocation, to SINAH or to MACHLOKES, is where you have clearly  overstepped your boundary in a dangerous way. And therein lies my personal NEGIOS. I try and have tried for the past twenty years to support Torah and Chesed, to attempt in my own little way to assure the continuity of KI HEIM CHAYEINU VOIRECH YOMEINU. Anything I was able to be MENADEV came solely from SIYATA DISHMAYA, but I can also assure you that I’ve invested my share of HISHTADLUS, I therefore want to be clear that even though I presume this message is not NOGEA to anyone here, and also, as I BESHITA will not hold YESHIVOS and their TALMIDIM accountable for the bad behavior of a very vocal minority, I would like to officially state that anyone who includes themselves in the ugliness of trying to convert this from a mere CHILUKEI DEIOS to an outright destructive MACHLOKES in a public manner, should not and cannot be NEHENE from any money that I contribute.

Every year as just a few weeks ago, we recite the TEFILAS ZAKA as we enter into Yom Kippur. It is towards the beginning of this TEFILA that we state unconditionally that we are Mochel anybody and everybody for AVEIROS SHE’BEIN ADAM L’CHAVEIRO. However we make a few exclusions to that MECHILA. I believe the LOSHON is, “חוץ מממון שאוכל להוציא על פי דין או על אלה שאומרים אחטא לו והוא ימחל לי” , to be perfectly honest with you, I don’t need to be MOCHEL money that is retrievable trough BEIS DIN as I have probably and unfortunately have already been MEYAESH on that money, and as far as people who contemplate on causing me HEZEK, relying on the probability that I will be MOCHEL them, NU NU.

But this year was the first year that I specifically intentionally decided not to ever be MOCHEL any of these baa’lei riv, she’loi Lishmah who benefit from the little TZEDAKA that I give, as he is now a pure outright GANEV or GAZLEN, depending on the circumstances.

Again, I apologize, but I never signed up for this.

And let me just assure you that whether or not you’ve ever given this any thought, you’d realize that 99.99% of these rumors, of these SHMUOS, of the negative negative speech that you have heard, is considered “עד מפי עד ” which is EIDUS that would not be acceptable in any BEIS DIN. Even in secular courts it is considered hearsay and is inadmissible to any judicial proceedings. This law is for but one reason, and that is because these rumors Etc Etc are predominately lies or MOITZI SHEM RA without a SHEMETZ or RAGLAYIM of what is the actual EMES.

If your MESOIRO is to get your information from computer blogs, WhatsApp etc etc and Friends who have very “Reliable” sources, you’ll surely be included in those that are “יורדים לגיהנום ואינם עולים ”

Just a few weeks ago, a message came out on WhatsApp regarding myself and a certain ROSH HAYESHIVA. I heard about it a little later as I was never Zoche to get WhatsApp, and not only was it SHEKER VECHOZOV, but I can personally be מעיד , that this particular ROSH HAYESHIVA did not accept BOCHRIM and YUNGELITE from both parties, as his criteria was not who your REBBI was or what faction you came from, rather it was whether the subject TALMID was ever involved in discussing this so called MACHLOIKES publicly and trying to REITZ UN the OILOM.

What right does this ROSH YESHIVA have after a MESOIRO of over 200 years avoiding MACHLOIKES, to allow even a potential risk?


אוי מה היה לנו

Your innocent children who are now 11 or 12 years old, know of nothing but Machloikes, they consider MACHLOIKES the expected way of living. They’ve been inundated with enough terms to be MEVAZEH every GODOL in KLAL YISROEL. They have no CHASHIVUS for YAHADUS, their sole interest is with political parties and they’ve lost all TMIMUS of TINOIKOIS SHEL BEIS RABON.

אוי מה היה לנו

Our children are BA’ALEI MUM.

Thirty years ago, when I first came to ERETZ YISROEL to learn in the MIR yeshiva, I basically arrived during the week of the first Intifada. I actually sat in jail for three days for merely attending and watching a HAFGANAH. I remember like yesterday that it was Reb Aaron who didn’t leave until I was released. The protest was the result of a deadly event where an Arab on a full Egged bus grabbed control of the steering wheel of the bus and dragged it down the steep hills of telzstone. Everyone was killed R’L. But even then you could sense that the Arabs were acting somewhat out of character due to Israel not responding to any of their demands. If there could have ever been a sucsesfull peace process, it would have been then. But today, despite the good intentions and the high intelligence of Jared Kushner, we will never see a peace agreement in our lifetime. This is because since the age of four and five, the Arabs have infused and ingrained into their children an unconsionable snd irrevocable hatred for all Jews with no exceptions. The same young age when we YIDDEN, LEHAVDIL, begin teaching our children ”Torah tzivah Lanu Moshe”


הלא למשמע אוזן דאבה נפשנו

We have ruined and are continuing to ruin on a daily basis the continuation of KLAL YISROEL. BEDERECH HATEVA, there can be no way that these children will grow up without an inborn SINAH to their schainim, to some of their relatives, to the Gedolim? Who is going to fix our children? Who is going to take ACHRAYUS for a new DOR of קרח ועדתו ?

אוי מה היה לנו

We all know the famous MEDRASH were the ABISHTER would not give the TORAH to his nation without AREIVIM. We first offered him the AVOS HAKDOSHIM, but that didn’t satisfy the ABISHTER, so we slowly went down the pole till we hit the TINOKOS SHEL BEIS RABON, and only to them was HASHEM MASKIM that their ARVUS was sufficient for him to give us his TORAH.

Who are our AREIVIM today? What guaranties us that the ABISHTER will keep his TORAH with us?

אוי מה היה לנו

There is a crazy phenomena in the world today which despite how nonsensical it sounds, it seems to be gaining ground. These are the crazy holocaust deniers. How different are we, when you should ask any child in Yerushalayim, KIRYAT SEFER etc etc to describe the holocaust to you and to describe to you the deadly hatred and almost robotic atrocities of a Nazim YIMACH SHMOM VEZICHROM. What kind of horrible Clop is it to the six Million KEDOSHIM that were killed AL KIDDUSH HASHEM? What type of sheer abuse would be caused when that child answered a holocaust survivor that a NAZI is a FRUM BOCHUR or YUNGERMAN that decides for one reason or another to join the army, and the whole holocaust is just a collection of these so called NAZI’S?

Maybe I am wrong and this is all OK as long as you attend first SEDER with SHMIRAS HASDORIM.

Why are we letting the vocal minority seemingly represent us and causing something so unprecedented? Do you really want to be involved in politics so badly? Then help me grow a new party that I’m starting called מי להשם אלי  where we take a zero tolerance stance against those who don’t seem to know how to properly use the filter that HASHEM placed between their minds and their mouths.

I warn you again, you have no right to steal my money. I’m not interested in your TORAH, I’m not interested in your TEFILOS, I’m not interested in your MAASIM TOIVIM. You can keep it all!

The GEMARA at the end of SANHEDRIN  learns the ISUR of MACHLOKES from the PASUK of לא יהיה כקרח ועדתו which always puzzled me. Firstly, these were 250 TALMIDEI CHACHOMIM, מומחים בהלכה   , and  ראשי סנהדרין , why would the PASUK just not say not to be כקרח ועדתו  only LEGABEY MACHLOIKES, as 95 percent of their YIDDISKEIT was KODOSH VETOHOIR? Secondly, where else in the TORAH, by any מצוות עשה  or מצוות לא תעשה , is the commandment based on a person or a group of people? For example, instead of לא תרצח it would just say לא תהיה כקין, or instead of לא תעשה כל מלאכה  on SHABBOS, it would say לא תהיה כצלפחד ?

The TERUTZ is obvious, the TORAH was not merely telling us not to be involved in a MACHLOKES, the TORAH is telling us not to be the same as a BAAL MACHLOKES in any and all ways, and since קרח ועדתו were involved in MACHLOKES, the TORAH is telling us, don’t be like them at all, in any fashion, not their MACHLOKES, not their TORAH, not their TEFILOIS, just be nothing like them in any possible fashion?

From the little I understand, this so called MACHLOKES has to do with going to the army. On my PLEITZUS, if you have a choice to be involved in a MACHLOKES or to go to the army (and I’m obviously not referring to גיוס בנות6), then you should definitely  go to the army. As a matter of fact, YOU’RE already in the army! You’re starting fires, You’re throwing stones, your throwing people out of their homes and BOTEI MIDRASHIM. You’re trying to kill the other side. The only difference between you and the IDF is that their uniforms are green and yours are black.

In 1976 for those of you who are not aware, there was a airplane high jacked from Israel and diverted to ANTEBBE, UGANDA. I heard over from general DAN SHOMRON, that on the secret stealth flight to ANTEBEE to be MEKAYEM PIDYOIN SHVUYIM, there were no conversations? Rather, for hours, they sang over and over, הנה מה טוב ומה נעים שבת אחים גם יחד. Yes. When push comes to shove, all אחינו בני ישראל  understand that nothing protects us more then אחדות.

The attached photos were taken on Wednesday night, as Rechnitz spoke at the Chanukah Habayis of Kaminetz Yeshiva, just another building of a massive Makom Torah that he has built. The event was attended by Gedolei Yisroel.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. He seems to have much broader shoulders than the rabonim that we look to in vain to for leadership.
    I dont mean his physical size.
    Why have the gedolim failed to confront this?

  2. I think SYR has taken on the topics no one dares touch. When he spoke in Lakewood, it was groundbreaking. This speech is also. I was in Shul at Mincha an everyone was talking about it. People are fed up and sick and tired with the machlokes and hate – especially coming out of three American Yeshivas – one in Lakewood, one on Coney Island Avenue, and one in the Catskills. Stop the funding to them Reb SY. The Bochrim in those Yeshivas have become a band of open mechutzafim and baalei machlokes.

  3. @bulldozer As a proud alumni of “The Yeshiva on Coney Island Avenue” I’m a bit confused about the hatred and machlokes you seem to be spewing about. Care to elaborate?

  4. Can someone give an example of an issue with the different opinions of the 3 different groups mentioned above by Bulldozer, or is there only a feeling of superiority, where each feels theyre holiest, with no specific differences?

  5. chareidi amiti
    September 27, 2018 4:27 pm at 4:27 pm
    He seems to have much broader shoulders than the rabonim that we look to in vain to for leadership.
    I dont mean his physical size.
    Why have the gedolim failed to confront this?
    Unfortunately in todays day and age the rabbanim,manhigim and roshey yeshivis are afraid from the hooligans and thugs so they are very careful what they say.
    One needs to have a major personality along major bux to not be afraid to speak up.
    One with out the other doesnt work.

  6. One thing I never understood about this army issue. I say this respectfully but realistically as I live in the USA. How can a family in EY expect someone who they consider to be less religious to risk the lives of their children to defend EY and not even consider putting their own children in such a situation. If this is the way you believe it has to be at least show those families that do send their children a little respect.

  7. For those asking, Rechnitz is talking about the split among the Litvish between those following Rav Shteinman zt’l and those following Rav Auerbach zt’l. Both sides have a huge percent of the community.

    That said, and not speaking about this particular issue, Mr. Rechnitz’s opinions about any particular klal issue is not any more worthy of consideration than the opinions of any Chaim Yankel. Rechnitz just happens to be able to afford a bigger megaphone to broadcast his views.

    Moderators Note: At least Rechnitz used his name, as opposed to Joseph the notorious troll on YWN.

  8. I originally thought he was referring to the machlokes in Ponevezh (there was a video posted of people throwing shtenders at each other in the bais medrash). While he was referring to all kinds of machlokes within the frum community, as is evident from later in his speech, he is most definitely referring to the protests against the army draft and harrassing soldiers by “frum” looking people. I hope that more rabbonim will take his message to heart and start condemning these attacks and protests.

  9. “especially coming out of three American Yeshivas – one in Lakewood, one on Coney Island Avenue, and one in the Catskills.” – what in the world are you talking about? Nothing he spoke about was referring to American yeshivos, and nothing in America reaches the level of the machlokes and politics in Israel. The problem is that he may be 100% right, but who that is involved in this machlokes is going to listen?

  10. a few points;
    all agree that
    1. rav shmuel zatzl and rav shteinman were kulo lshem shomayim
    2. their end goal was the same torah was and is supreme to both
    3 the Israeli gov.and public cannot be expected to comprehend the blanket petur of army service by yeshiva bochurim ( torah is magin…)
    4 the question was what is the best strategy to get there
    5. we have no way to measure who was bigger
    THEREFORE “boh hashlishi veyachria bainahem” REB CHAIM SHLITA IS DEFINITLY THE SHLISHI and he was clearly machriah!

  11. R Chaim is not a fair shlishi, when he was on one side all along.

    I don’t think that most of us are rating R Ahron Leib vs R Shmuel. I think the concern is the hanhaga of the followers, one side of which seems to be taking a piece of the “yadayoim yedei Eisav’ approach.

  12. To YWN moderators, whether or not you agree with Joseph, it is very unprofessional to comment on his post in such a manner. And why is Joseph a troll? He has opinions on issues and comments on them. That is not a troll. Many disagree with him, but that adds spice to the comment section.

    Moderators Note: Not only is a he a troll on YWN in the comments section, but he a confirmed 100% real life stalker, who has stalked many people through YWN. And no, this is not a joke.

  13. For those of you who are having selective amnesia this is for you…. ““especially coming out of three American Yeshivas – one in Lakewood, one on Coney Island Avenue, and one in the Catskills.” We are talking about the three RY of these Yeshivas who aligned themselves with the Satmar/R Auerbach/anti Israeli Army crowd.

    I agree with SYR wholeheartedly.

  14. Mr. Rechnitz is a nice man but his opinions are that of daas baalabatim. His opinions aren’t worthy of any more weight than any other guy on the street.

  15. Joseph: I’m aware that life up in the Catskills is not so exciting, but you’re 100% wrong about SYR. Go and learn the sugyas about askonus and tomchei torah and talmidei chachomim.

  16. If only halevei, SYR would make aliyah and run for PM as part of his new political party. I have not heard anyone in the yiddeshe tzibur today, Rav or askan, who can speak emes in such an incredibly powerful way w/o engaging in “political correctness”. He can be direct and truthful w/o the coarseness and vulgarity that have become the norm here in the U.S. as well as in many segments of the political and religious dialogue in EY. His Lakewood speech on leaving some kids on the sidelines in school admissions didn’t solve the problem but certainly went a long way towards its recognition and resolution. Likewise here, its not just a question of two hashkafahs or two different strategies to get to the same place, its a more fundamental and existential question of basic civility and achdus for klal yisroel. It goes beyond just the two views within the Litvish tzibur of how to deal with the IDF draft for kollel yungerleit. Its the sinas chinam that extends as between Litvish and many Chassidus, between Chassidus themselves (aka Aronites v. Zalmanites etc.) and some many other machloiskes, brogias or whatever term you choose to describe the tribalism of today’s tzibur.

  17. “At least Rechnitz used his name, as opposed to Joseph the notorious troll on YWN.”


    R. Shlomo Yehuda’s opinions certainly are more worthy of consideration than those of any Chaim Yankel and those of any Joe. His untiring efforts on behalf of so many communities and individuals has given him great insight. Our generation is fortunate to have someone so generous not only with his wealth but also with his compassion and common sense.

  18. meir G, please. Rav Shmuel’s father zt”l did everything in his power to avoid machlokes. It’s a shame his son never learned that lesson from his father.

  19. There was machloykus in Europe they went to the Saba of Kelm (I think) and asked him which side is right ?
    He said in every argument there is a right and wrong side for the first 6 minutes after that they are both wrong
    If only we could live by that then we would have no need for the IDF

  20. I think that peole who dont live in EY do not understand anything about the army issue – so how can they comment?
    ther are plenty of people – even in the same family who live peacefully and respect the “other camp”
    The thing is about the protests that go out of hand and no noe really kows who decides whart anymore especially since Rav Shmuel ZATSAL was Niftar
    Rechnits has a right to say who his money should go to whether u agree with him or not

  21. YWN Moderator:
    I suggest u ask a Sheila about how to deal with Joseph
    It may be best just not to post his comments instead of what was done here
    (You don’t have to post this – as u wish)

    It disturbs me more the comment made about הרה”ג Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky (by Tkes 2 to tango)
    I don’t think the site should allow talking against any Gedolim!!!!

  22. Can someone please share all the Peleg affiliated Yeshiva and Kollelem in EY and the Roshei Yeshiva in the US who support them?

    Their entitled to their shita (not entitled to act like hooligans), however, many want to have no part whatsoever in supporting it.

  23. For many years I wondered why YWN posts videos of Ultra Orthodox protests or stories of radical extremists stoning screaming at religious soldiers; is there ANY positive benefit in doing so?
    it always seemed to me that they were trying to demonize these activities for all Americans to see and laugh at; purely for American entertainment. can I venture to put the question out there; is this not a form of fueling an ongoing Machlokes?
    if I can speak for myself, I know that whenever I watched these videos I would think to myself, “wow what a hot-headed and miss-guided sect of our nation!”
    following this wonderful speech I would hope that YWN would stop posting stories and videos relating to any form of machlokes in Klal Yisroel.

  24. For those that are trying to understand the background of the machlokes SYR is talking about, I will try my best to present both sides in a most impartial manner. If anyone notices a hint of leaning towards one side, feel free to call me out (I’m not perfect):

    The question surrounds wether or not to accept a דיחוי (deferment) from military service or not.
    Ever since the Chazon Ish worked out an arrangement with Ben Gurion to exempt Bnei Yeshiva from the Israeli military, the accepted process among everyone was to apply for the deferment (which was valid for one year) until the age of 26, the age one is eligible for a permanently exemption (פטור).

    The law was changed around multiple times, but that’s for a separate time.
    Until 2013 the law afforded “blanket exemptions” to anyone that was in a Yeshiva (without questioning wether they are “really learning” or not).
    In 2013, Yeah Atid led by Yair Lapid was included in the government coalition (while the from parties were left in the opposition).
    During his time as a coalition member his party passed an amendment which for the first time established annual conscription quotas of Chareidi boys which needed to be filled.
    The law stipulated that the quotas were meant to act as an “adjustment period” (תקופת הסתגלות) in preparation of the permanent arrangement (תקופת קבע) which would take effect in 2018.
    The law also stipulated (for the first time) certain qualifications that make one eligible to attain Ben Yeshiva status.
    Here’s a few examples: one must learn a minimum of 45 hours a week, one must learn in an institution that has at least 25 boys at/above the draft age (18) something which is hard for someone who attends a smaller Mesivta or is the oldest in his class.
    The permanent arrangement would do away with the blanket exemptions and force all Chareidi boys to enlist in the IDF, save for an elite 1,800 ‘illuyim’ who will be issued permanent exemptions.

    At that point, the Chareidi world was unified in it’s unequivocal opposition to the law.
    It was at that time that מרן הגאון הגדול רב אהרון לייב שטיינמן זצוק”ל led the million man protest (עצרת המיליון) in an effort to derail the passage of the law.
    The law passed with all the frum parties voting against it.

    In 2015, new elections put the frum parties back in power with Yeah Atid in the opposition.
    The frum parties passed an amendment to the law which pushed back the “permanent arrangement” from 2018 to 2023.
    They also removed some of the criminal sanctions that Yesh Atid originally included.
    But, they didn’t remove the clause in the law that demands that conscription quotas numbering in the thousands be filled annually.
    They also left the qualifications to attain Ben Yeshiva status in place.
    This established a precedent in which a few thousand bochurim would need to be recruited every year to ensure that the rest continue to receive deferments.

    This is where there was a split in the opinions of the Gedolim on how to proceed.
    מרן הגאון הגדול רב אהרון לייב שטיינמן זצוק”ל was of the opinion that although this law isn’t perfect, we must realize that we’re dealing with the Israeli government and this is the best we could get.
    He also felt that the IDF (Nachal Chareidi) could be a good thing for those who have left the proper path and today are unfortunately מחללי שבת וחייבי כריתות.
    He felt that we should take what we can get, and since the vast majority of Bnei Yeshiva would be exempted (until 2023), we should accept such a settlement.

    On the other side was מרן הגאון הגדול רב שמואל אויערבך זצוק”ל who was of the opinion that the Chareidi establishment should never agree to give up anyone to the IDF, as it will only further detoriate them spiritually.
    He also felt that by creating this precedent (in which the Chareidi world agrees that some can/should go to the army), we would never be able to go back to the original arrangement which afforded blanket exemptions.

    The law passed with support from the frum parties.

    Shortly after the law passed, מרן הגאון הגדול רב שמואל אויערבך זצוק”ל instructed Bnei Yeshiva not to accept deferments, as accepting it constitutes cooperation with a law that is drafting thousands of Chareidi boys annually.
    He also felt that the qualifications to become eligible to receive a deferment would cause those who live outside the mainstream Chareidi cities to be discriminated upon, since many in these towns can’t meet many of the qualifications.

    To date, we’ve seen a sharp increase in Chareidi enlistment to the IDF. The numbers for 2018 stood at close to 3,000 רח”ל.

    I hope that the topic is understood, and we must always remember to show the utmost respect for both sides.

    I personally have family members who support different sides, yet are able to get along perfectly.

    Wishing everyone a gut moed.

  25. “Moderators Note: Not only is a he a troll on YWN in the comments section, but he a confirmed 100% real life stalker, who has stalked many people through YWN. And no, this is not a joke.”


    Then why do you continue to provide this dangerous, unbalanced person with a platform?

  26. If, on the other hand, we have determined that one of the parties is a baal machlokes, then the Torah allows us to publicly voice our condemnation of this person as a means of convincing him to end the dispute. We are speaking specifically of a case where the baal machlokes will most likely back away from the battle when he realizes that public opinion is against him. On the other hand, if this person is impervious to public opinion, then there is no constructive purpose in publicly declaring him a baal machlokes, and doing so would constitute speaking loshon hora.

    The Chofetz Chaim lists three additional prerequisites before one speaks against a baal machlokes:

    1. One must have accurate firsthand information regarding the dispute.

    2. One’s intention must be strictly for a constructive purpose and not because he happens to dislike this person. If a previous animosity exists, one is not allowed to become involved. This point will be clarified later in this volume (see Day 83).

    3. Obviously, if one can speak privately to the baal machlokes and convince him to desist, then that is the path which one is required to take. However, the Chofetz Chaim recognizes that in the case of the baal machlokes, rebuke may be a double-edged sword. By rebuking him in private one may lose his status as an impartial party and become aligned in the instigator’s mind with his enemies. The instigator may then move quickly to thwart any attempts to rebuke him publicly. If this scenario seems to be a real possibility, then one should not attempt to rebuke the baal machlokes in private. From [email protected]

  27. Bravo to Mr. Rechnitz. Money talks & no one can question his generosity.

    To the Moderators: Why do you accept Joseph’s comments if he is a troll and a stalker? You check everything, just don’t post anything, no matter how innocuous, he submits since HE seems to be a source of machloykes on YWN. It is that simple.

  28. takahmamash: You’re a Jewish Anti-Semite. Where do you get the nerve to speak against HaGaon HaRav Shmuel zt’l with such chutzpah?!

    And for the record, HaGaon HaRav Rav Shlomo Zalman zt’l personally attended numerous street protests against the Israeli government efforts to draft Yeshiva bochorim.

  29. @mylogic37- Your comment is dangerous. Don’t think for even a moment that either side is pro the army; they’re anti, just different approaches to deal with the problem. What you commented is exactly why the other side feels the only approach is violence- so that no one will make that mistake.

  30. The next step would be the get all the Rabbanim and leaders in a room together, and work on reaching a consensus of some sort in the name of reaching a true Shalom and ending the machlokes. If SYR can’t arrange that then no one can. It won’t be easy but what “peace summit” ever is easy?

  31. To paraphrase Mr. Rechnitz I’m not a major in Jewish history, but can any tell me anytime that frum jews protested WITH THE SUPPORT OF GEDOLIM by blocking traffic, calling the other side vile names, inconveniencing others, throwing things and doing things that are a chillul hashem. I’m all for peaceful tehilim rallies even civil disobedience if you get the proper permits.

  32. to midwestener & takes 2 tango; let me explain my point on reb chaim
    all agree that this “army question” is a DOR SHALOH its not a petty fight about which team you are on . yes reb chaim definitely gave this most serious shaaloh the attention it needs . and reb chaim was machriah that rav shteinmans route was the one to take , thats what boh hashlishi veyachria benehen means think and try to understand my point and that is why a beis din is made of shlosha because things are not black and white yehi ratzon lekayem bonu chachmei yiroel..

  33. The comparison Mr. rechnitz makes that the hatred the young Palestianians have towards jews is the same hatred the various groups have towards each other is 10000% correct. In the 1970’s my parents rented an apartment to old-time Satmar chasidim. Despite being from totally different backgrounds and cultures I was best friends with their children. Yes they were Reb Yoel’s chasidim and held of the “shita Hakidosha” but there was respect for others. Even the Satmar Rebbe met with gedolim of Aguda. Im not sure when but by the 1980’s it became more personal. I remember seeing toilet paper with pictures of gedolim who didn’t agree with Satmar or the Eidah. I’m sure the gedolim of Satmar didn’t approve of it, but their condemnation wasn’t clear or loud enough. This leads to today where there is sheer hatred for people who have a different philosophy. It pains me to see mock protests against the medina in daycamps. It pains me that a frum soldier can’t go into a seforim store. It pains me that a girl can’t walk down a public street because some idiot decided she isn’t up to their standards. An adom godol once said “no one became a shomer Shabbos by throwing stones at their car.”

  34. if rechnitz gave the money with a stipulation(tenei)that there shouldnt be machlokes he is right. also has to be stipulation before the act (mayseh). but since he didnt, aslso he just stated it, so its no geneivah….

  35. Joseph +1

    Just yet another person who’s opinion is supposed to matter more than all of us because he has more money. Did you all learn nothing this last election cycle? The world is sick of the oligarchy and it would be naive to think that that sentiment doesn’t spill over into all walks of life.

    Also, obviously Joseph would be banned if he were a real stalker. Whoever is moderating this post is clearly a daas yochid among moderators.

  36. GH- you do realize Mr Rechnitz is entirely chareidi, and holds viewpoints that oppose your on every topic? You would never vote for him for PM- do some research besides reading one article about him.

  37. takahmamash: Rav Shmuel’s father zt”l did everything in his power to avoid machlokes. It’s a shame his son never learned that lesson from his father.

    you obviously don’t know R’ Shmuel or his father, let it be known that all of R’ Shmuel’s Brother’s agree with him (if their father felt differently …)
    takahmamash suffers from the same chutzpah as Rechnitz איזהו חכם המכיר את מקומו. To insist from Mir Yeshiva to give him a podium and then use it to be Mochiach talmidei Chachamim