VIDEO: Extremists Attack Frum IDF Soldier in Geulah Neighborhood in Jerusalem


A Chareidi IDF soldier was attacked on Wednesday evening by Charedi extremists in the Geulah neighborhood of Jerusalem.

The incident occurred when a number of Chareidi men saw the passing soldier on Tachkemoni Street near the Geulah neighborhood and began screaming at him.

The incident then developed into a crowd of people throwing things, in an attempt to physically injure the soldier and make him flee the area.

A large number of police officers, specializing in dispersing crowds, were called to the scene. They evacuated the soldier to safety, who singled out one man as having begun the attack. The man succeeded in escaping capture by the police when he ran off into the tight alleyways the characterize the neighborhood.

Police did manage to arrest one young man who participated in the attack. According to Kikar Shabbos, the soldier is filing a formal complaint against his attackers.

Police are expected to open up an investigation into the incident.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Where is our gratitude?
    One would expect in that very area, they would learn about hakoras ha tov and derech eretz kodma le torah.
    The reason that whole area are able sleep,in peace at night, is due to the security forces
    Otherwise they might very easily be slaughtered by our cousin’s yishmoel
    Its understandable that the Knesset want to withdraw funds from orthodox institutions, after seeing this behaviour.
    The frum political parties need to.send out a joint statement condemning this action rubber stamped by our gedolim otherwise the whole worlds frum community get painted with the same brush
    Shtika ke hoyda

  2. Yeshivah world, I ask you!! Is this the ” Ahavas Chinam” the Rabanim in Beitar called for???
    Why post news of machloikes in our midst which certainly does very little to promote “Ahavas Chinam” & more likely does quite the opposite!!

  3. Whether one agrees with the army or not,the fact is we owe them and their families a debt of gratitude,which we can never repay.
    The reason we can walk the streets of Geula is due to the security forces
    People sleep through the night in Meya Sharim without thinking about being slaughtered in their beds, is down to the security forces
    Where is our gratitude?
    With all the torah going on in that very area, surely they learn about ha’koras ha’tov, and derch eretz kodma le torah
    Sometimes we are our own worse enemy

  4. Hey Loshonhora, you’re so right. And I’m sure you feel the same about withholding funds for arab schools that teach truckloads of ahavas yisroel and gratitude to the soldiers to their students …. And let’s not forget the institutions of “higher learning” in Israel — those universities and even some high-schools that are hotbeds of ha’koras ha’tov where the instructors and professors are dripping with gratitude toward the soldiers and encouraging army service.
    While I don’t advocate this sort of behavior, as long as frum people feel their way of life is being threatened, this kind of thing is likely to continue. And after all is said and done, many of these “incidents” are later proven to be deliberate provocations in which the “solders” who are nebach “assaulted” are in fact undercover cops dressed as soldiers. In some places, they would call this “entrapment.” So perhaps everyone, including the erstwhile reporters for YWN ought to at least wait for an investigation to be completed before rushing to condemn all or most of “the Chareidim.” “Ahavas chinam” would seem to dictate giving the benefit of the doubt at least until we know precisely what happened. But, of course, that might not be so good for a website’s bottom line that needs clicks and eyeballs on “news items.” So, there is no “doubt.” These sort of inflammatory articles are designed to generate controversy. When the truth becomes known weeks or months later, there is rarely any retraction, and the original bad impression remains. True and accurate journalism at its best.

  5. @Loshenhora, if I may interject. Hashem is the reason ‘the whole area is able to sleep at night in peace, without thinking of being slaughtered in their beds’.
    Not the IDF or anyone else.

    It is true that hakaras hatov is necessary for individual soldiers not the IDF as an institution.
    It is the individual soldiers who act as shlichim of Hashem to help protect the people in eretz yisrael.

    Now to understand the reasoning behind the “attacks”.
    YWN, in their obsessive habit of tilted reporting (especially in these topics) generally doesn’t bother to explain the other side of the story. What could possibly be so offensive about frum soldiers? Right?
    They employ this unprofessional journalistic ploy so as to produce ignorant comments such as yours.

    The reason why these “extremists” are bothered by the sight of the frum soldiers is because, like most [even non-extremist] Chareidim they believe the IDF to be the melting pot of Israeli society, and they want to raise their children to stay far away from it. If a young impressionable child sees a frum soldier in shul, he might get confused and start questioning what his parents and rebbeim always told him; that it’s impossible to stay frum in the army.

    In order to avoid such a situation, these “extremists” are only asking that you respect their lifestyle and avoid entering their community with a uniform, so as not to interfere with the way they want to raise their kids.

    Obviously, violence is never acceptable, and while I personally don’t condone or endorse this practice, it’s important that people should understand why they do it.

  6. This is beyond horrible. This is not yidishkeit this is not torah observance. If you don’t want to send your children to the army that is your business, whether I agree with that or not is not my business. But how anyone especially those living in EY can do anything but express appreciation to the soldiers is beyond my ability to comprehend.


  8. Why does ywn keep posting these videos that cause hate? And why every time there’s a video like this there are like 100000 comments about how wrong it is to attack an idf soldier. As if that’s some big chidush.

  9. these criminally insane ignorant evil savages need to be given long prison sentences,or better yet deported to their friends in Gaza,
    if it would have been me in that situation,you can be sure some of those filthy marauding swines wouldn’t be breathing by now

  10. This “hakaras hatov” business should go both ways. The reason the disloyal, assimilated Israelis can maintain their debauched lifestyle(s) in the schmutzike toveiva bars, etc., commit massive chillul Shabbos, fress chometz on Pesach, and countless other aveiros — is because frum Jews are being amal ba’Torah and oseik be’mitzvos. Yes, these ovrei aveiros are sleeping soundly in their beds (either at night or some during the day) without fear of sulfur raining down upon them — all because the toil of the loyal Jews’ avodas Hashem that is protecting them. Where is their hakaras hatov?
    Oh, I see, they’re exempt from gratitude, because they can claim “they don’t believe in Judaism” or that the Torah protects them. Nice excuse. But, should any frum person disavow the IDF’s protection — we can only imagine the commenters righteous indignation as they write in condemning the “horrifying” lack of “hakaras hatov.”
    (Hope this won’t take 24 hrs. to moderate.)

  11. BenK- there are many yeshivos in many places. These people are not talmidim of the mir. You think the mir doesn’t teach those ideals?

    You are clearly an anti yeshivishe person, just taking the opportunity to attack the yeshivos by claiming they arent doing their job.

    Part of Kol yisrael areivim zeh lah zeh means that you, dr yidd, and you benk, have the opportunity to daven and learn and do mitzvos, which will in turn help these krum, albeit seemingly frum people to stop these ridiculous actions.

    Refuah sheleimah min hashamayim, refuas hanefesh and refuas hasechel hashta baagalla bizman kariv vinomar you better wake up.
    It’s very easy to shift the blame onto other people.

  12. I don’t condone violence whatsoever, I have hakaros hatov to every soldier in the IDF, BUT since the people living in Geulah ( or Mean Shaerim) don’t want their kids in the army, these people should be a little more sensitive not to desensitize something that they don’t want their kids to be desensitize too. Besides for the anti-Zionism shittah ( of which I personally don’t agree with), unfortunately, the way things are now, the IDF is not the ideal place for a frum Jew.

  13. As an American living in Yerusalayim for over 20 years, I’d like to respectfully ask all the “intelligent, smart” people in America to KEEP YOUR OPINION TO YOURSELF!
    This is a VERY VERY complex situation and you can’t just focus on one part.

  14. to AYeshivushGuy If some Chassidim teach their kids only chassidish looking people are Frum and all others are Goys Would That Make it Okay if a Frum Non CHassid came to harrass them out not to “confuse” their Brain Washed Children!!

  15. avreichamshlomo I spent 2 years in yeshiva in israel too and then returned to bais medrash in america.
    I am Practing My AL TAAMOD AL DAM RAYACHA and HOCAYACH TOCEIACH ES AMISECHA. That means if someoen is drowning dont “daven” only but jump n if you can swim to save them and not be a chasid shota

  16. There aren’t necessarily any inyanim of hakaras hatov or “ahavas sinam” here. The pshat is that it’s illegal and against Torah to assault people in the street. Period. It’s called aggravated assault, and you don’t do it to anyone. The only exception would be a terrorist in the act or a violent criminal, where there is a need to stop the person and hold them for police. Attacking a person walking down the street simply because they’re in IDF uniform is a law violation and an aveirah. No need for theatrics or impassioned rhetoric. It’s against halacha and illegal, so no one should do it, and those that do should be arrested and prosecuted as appropriate.

  17. Benk, as expected when talking to a wall, not much actual response was received from you.
    What’s the difference between you and neturei karta if you both dont have the seemingly mental capacity to respond to direct points?

  18. @ Good Jew,

    @ Yitzp,
    I totally agree with you!!!!!