Latest News On The Israeli Municipal Elections 10/17/18



VIDEOS/PHOTOS: Beit Shemesh Election Rally For Chareidim Supporting Dr. Aliza Bloch

An election rally for chareidim supporting dati leumi candidate for mayor of Beit Shemesh, Dr. Aliza Bloch, was held on Tuesday night in Ramat Beit Shemesh Gimmel, a chareidi area. About fifty persons attend the event.

According to the polls, Bloch presents a serious threat to Mayor Rabbi Moshe Abutbul, who seeks reelection. She has been an outspoken critic, accusing Abutbul of incompetence, citing even the chareidi areas of the city lack mikvaos and other religious services, stating the city’s religious council does not function as it should and too many chareidi children are learning in caravans instead of proper school buildings.

VIDEO: Yossi Deutsch Seeks To Learn How To Improve Bike Lanes For Riders In The Capital

Chareidi candidate for mayor of Jerusalem, Deputy Mayor Yossi Deutsch, on Tuesday met with professional bicycle riders regarding the Bicycles for Jerusalem project.

He rode along with them to understand what needs to be done to improve bike lanes, which are few in number, towards making riding safer for bike owners as well as making biking a reasonable alternative to using one’s vehicle towards cutting down on traffic and pollution.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Hi im a proud Yerushalmi..
    Im struggling to get robust updating regarding mayoral race here..

    I know that American midterms are a popular news item and updated all the time..

    But yerushalayim mayoral news should receive at least equal prominence in news density probably more..

    If difficult create a midterm news tab and yerushalayim ir hakodesh tab..

    If anyone knows of alternative outlets גם בעברית שהם אוהבים.. בבקשה תראה לי

    Where do you get ur Yerushalayim municipal news from?

    Thanks YWN for ur professionalism..

    P.s deitch sent a public letter to degel asking them to join in creating a united front lemaan kdushas Yerushalayim which arye king has joined

    He put out a video promising building come what may..

    I saw the gerrer beis medrash is having a rally with deitch and the chak admur with all the thousands of chassidim..

    Let me know what’s going on

  2. Dr. Aliza Bloch makes many legitimate points and seems like a competent person. Nevertheless it is an Issur Deoritah for a women to hold public office. We do not eat pork because it unhealthy or unpalatable. It obviously is neither. We refrain from pork because the G-D has told Jews not to eat it. The same is true of all the Issurim of the Torah. The Massorah is 100% clear: Melech ve lo malchah, a king but not a queen.

    There are many esoteric works that attempt to give explanations to the Mitzvot but the explanations are not the reason we follow the Torah. We follow the Torah because it is the will of G-D. Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch wrote about those who challenge the Torah and claim parts are obsolete, that the the most significant statement in the Torah is: G-D commanded Moses saying… If that is true then who are we to challenge what follows?

  3. I was at this meeting. She is most impressive, she doesn’t pander to any one group and she isn’t corrupt. The alternative, the incumbent, is past his sell-by date. It’s time for a change and to elect a mayor who treats everyone equally.We deserve better and if we vote Abutbol back in, we will have another 5 years of no services, nothing for our youth before they’re lost, no help for the needy, but plenty of money for the fanatics, scammers and parasites who stomp all over the rest of us and call our soldiers Nazis even as they protect THEM.

  4. Let’s see if u wil actually publicize my comment…..

    I find the topics u choose as “update on Israeli Minicipal Elections to be very “interesting” as ther are many other subjects that r much more important then Aliza Blocj and Charedim (50 is nothing- there are rallies of hundreds which for “some reason” u choose not to report