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Pensioners May Team Up With Gaydamak

Three members of the Pensioners Party, which has seven mandates in the current Knesset, are contemplating making a move to the new “Tzedek Chevrati” (Social Justice) party of Arkadi Gaydamak.

MKs Moshe Sharoni, Elchanan Glazer and Sarah Marom Shalev are thinking of making the move – a direct result of the sharp split in their party. To date however, the three have been prevented from making the move since Knesset law states that moving to another party ahead of completing one-half of the current term would result in the loss of a considerable portion of a lawmaker’s budget, prompting the three to wait, albeit, impatiently.

The good news is that in about two weeks, the one-half period will have been passed, permitting the three to launch a new party or move to Social Justice. The three continue contact with Gaydamak, presumably to map out the move and terms.

Interestingly, the Pensions Party ran in the last election, not expecting to get more than a seat or two at most, and when party leader Rafi Eitan learned they earned seven mandates, he admitted they had not planned a platform since they did not expect to become a sizable entity in Knesset.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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