Minister Of Intelligence: Now We See Just How Wrong Bennet & Shaked Were


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Minister of Intelligence (Likud) Yisrael Katz commented on Wednesday, 27 Kislev, day two of Operation Northern Shield, while speaking to Israel Reshet Bet Radio, stating how now it is clear to all that the resignation of former Defense Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, was erred and it was nothing more than political maneuvering that in no way connected to genuine defense concerns as he stated to be the case.

Without mentioning names, Katz then spoke of “certain individuals who gave a certain ultimatum regarding the position of Defense Minister”, clearly referring to Bayit Yehudi party chairman Naftali Bennet and Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked. Katz explains that now, on day two of the northern military operation, it is also clear to all that they erred, and the ultimatum was out of out of place and it was good that they retracted it.

Katz explained that today, it is clear the cabinet acted responsibly and out of concern for the welfare of the nation, with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu exhibiting leadership, and that is why he was backed by his ministers.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)