Bat Yam Blaze Claims The Life Of An Elderly Man


A fire claimed the life of an elderly man in Bat yam, early Tuesday morning.

reported on a second floor of a two-story at 6:58AM Tuesday morning. MDA EMTs and paramedics responded to reports of the fire at around 6:58AM. They were unfortunately compelled to pronounce a man dead who was found in the apartment. He sustained fatal burns. In addition, a woman about 80 was transported to Wolfson Hospital with moderate smoke inhalation.

MDA paramedic Meir Walder said: “When we got to the scene, we saw smoke billowing from a second-floor apartment in the building. A woman of about 80 came out of the building, conscious and suffering from smoke inhalation. We immediately gave her medical treatment that included oxygen and she was evacuated to Wolfson Hospital. The firefighters extinguished the fire and searched the apartment. They found an unconscious victim who suffered from severe burns and entered the apartment in order to provide medical treatment, but he had no signs of life and we could only pronounce him dead.”

The cause of the blaze is not reported.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)