Off Duty Soldier Performs Successful CPR on Tel Aviv Train Platform After Woman Collapses


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Magen David Adom EMT and IDF soldier Naor Azarzar was waiting at a train station on his way back to his base, when the loudspeaker notified passengers that they were looking for emergency medical help for a passenger. Naor rushed to the location specified and began performing CPR on a 20-year-old woman who had collapsed.

The woman had collapsed on the platform at the HaShalom train station in Tel Aviv for unknown reasons.

Emergency medical response teams arrived and took over the CPR from Naor, attached a defibrillator and succeeded at reviving the woman. She was then transported to Ichilov Hospital for further care and treatment. Thanks to Naor, she was in stable condition when she was transported.

Naor said after the incident: “On my way back to base I was waiting for a train when I heard on the loudspeaker that there was a medical emergency in the station and that someone needed assistance. I raced over and saw a 20-year-old woman lying on the platform. She was not breathing and had no pulse. I immediately began CPR and asked the staff to bring a defibrillator. With the AED that arrived quickly, the woman received a shock and a few moments later she regained consciousness. The ambulance team that arrived continued treatment and transported her to the hospital.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)