Sunday Night Hafganah in Yerushalayim Against Drafting of Women & Continued Incarceration of Girl


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The pashkavil on Sunday, February 3, 2019, questions “How long” regarding the drafting and imprisonment of women who are refusing to be drafted into the IDF. The protest on Sunday refers to a specific woman, Rinat bas Chedva, who remains in military prison for her refusal to be drafted as IDF authorities do not recognize her as being frum, and therefore insists on drafting her. This past Thursday, January 31st, a military court extended her detention for an additional twelve days.

In response, a protest is taking place on Sunday at 8:00M on Avodas Yisrael Street near Beis Medrash Prushim, an event dubbed “A giant protest with the participation of Rabbonim and Geonim Shlita”.

The participants will march to “the streets of the city” from the meeting location, demanding the release of Rinat bas Chedva by military authorities. The pashkavil is signed by the Eida Chareidis.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. What a nice schedule these nice men have. They zetzen afen tuchus and learn in the morning and afternoon, then they go and forget what they learned and create a chillul Hashem in the evening.

    The notice is NOT signed by the Eida Chareidis. This is very misleading.

    “Yahadus hachareidis” does not mean the actual eida chareidis. A real Eida Chareidis sign will always include the words “Mitaam Harabonim hageonim chavrei habadat”z Shlita…” or some variation thereof.

  3. joseph, please stay out of israel. the ambulance whose ride is interrupted around these demonstrations is likely to have a chareidi inside.

    trying to stay calm, try harder, in a jewish state the people thrown in jail are likely to be Jewish. kapish

    banshak, if they draft you i promise not to protest

  4. So over the past few weeks, Ethiopians, disabled persons, and of course, the venerable Dati Leumi community are allowed to protest, to block traffic, prevent ambulances from getting about, etc. — without any comments from the self-righteous indignant opponents of street blockages.
    BUT, if it’s Chareid yeshiva guys — Hashem help them!! No empathy or understanding for their p-o-v. Better to forcibly draft all the young women against their will or jail them. For that matter, you might like to see all the Chareidi yeshiva guys forcibly drafted — as punishment for being Chareidi — like the Czar did in Russia 180 years ago.
    And all this is promulgated by a yeshiva world website? With friends like this ….

  5. Thank you american_yerushalmi for speaking the truth about this website which I am starting to suspect is run by Modern Orthodox people or maybe even the Israel project.

  6. Some news YWN forgot to share with you: On Sunday, Feb. 17, 2019, a Nachal Charedi commander was indicted for allowing five of his soldiers to brutally beat up a Palestinian father and son who were handcuffed and blindfolded. In this so-called religious unit is where Israeli politicians and their supporters want to place Charedi bochurim, boys from Belz, Gur, and Toldos Aaron, Heaven save us from this wickedness.

    Jerusalem Post: “According to the indictment, the defendants took photos and video footage while they beat the Palestinians all over their bodies, including in intimidate areas.

    “The accused are said to have removed the son’s blindfold and forced him to watch as his father was beaten.”

    Father and son are now hospitalized.

    So what do we have here, violence, law-breaking, sadism, sexual perversion, and I-phones, all in the so-called Charedi units. Can anyone guess why Charedim oppose the draft?