Meretz MK Wants To See State Subsidies On Healthy Bread


Martha Baruch on Tuesday announced that if she is elected to the 21st Knesset on the Meretz list will put forward a bill to place a state subsidy on whole wheat bread, explaining it is long overdue, permitting people to buy whole wheat bread for NIS 5 a loaf like the subsidized rye and white loaves, instead of paying about NIS 14 for a load of whole wheat. Baruch explains the time has come to permit families to eat healthy, including those without the financial ability to pay for the healthier items, as is the case today.

“The cost of living has shown that government policy on food products has failed, and cartels of tycoons, importers and marketing networks have brought unbearable prices to basic food prices, the products being monitored are too few and most of them are unhealthy. Social reform – a law that will determine 100 basic subsidized food items under price control is needed.

“The next Knesset I am dealing with in order to do social justice, and the first bill that I will submit will be the introduction of bread, which is full of supervision and lowering its price from NIS 14 to NIS 5,” he said.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)