FLASHBACK VIDEO: As Tiveria & Other Cities Fight Chilul Shabbos, We Reflect Back To Menachem Begin


The newly-elected mayor of Tiveria, Kobi Ron, is R”L moving ahead with his chilul Shabbos agenda, encouraging entertainment spots and eateries to open their doors on Shabbos as he works towards running public transportation on the holy day.

Just recently, women gather for a kinnos towards strengthening Shabbos in the city and MK Uri Maklev visited the city in an effort to assist efforts against the mayor and his anti-Shabbos agenda.

In the accompanying archive film, we see the late prime minister, Menachem Begin Z”L, as he praises the nation’s adherence to Shabbos Kodesh and citing the importance of the gift we received from HKBH, the holy Shabbos.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. daas torah-you are a perpetuating a vile lie. You can only be forgiven because you are probably 15 years old and have no clue of anything older than yesterday. Menachem Begin zz’l was a full shomer Shabbos and thousand of Jews can attest to this. So please stop your lies and go hide in your vile lair.