“IT WAS TERROR” Jerusalem Parents Insist Daughter’s Injury at School Was a Deliberate Act of Terror


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Tehila Ben-Zino, 15, was the chareidi girl who sustained a very serious head injury on Thursday when she was struck in her head with a piece of metal, which at the time was reported to have fallen from a construction site next to her school, located on Jerusalem’s David Yellin Street.

Mr. Avraham Ben-Zino, her father, has turned to authorities in a Galei Tzahal (Army Radio) interview on Sunday, that he is quite certain the object that left his daughter fighting for her life did not fall accidently as reported, but it was hurled intentionally in what was an act of terror.

Avraham calls on authorities to “continue to probe” and not just record it as a construction accident. He maintains that since the metallic object that fell was a heavy object, it is quite obvious it could not have flown across to the adjacent school on its own, but it was clearly thrown intentionally.

“Her sin, like all Jewish girls, is that she simply wanted to learn,” Avraham added during the interview. “She left home to learn in seminar and returned to an intensive care unit on a stretcher, sedated and intubated, and all said and done, she went to school to learn, in seminar (high school), in the middle of Jerusalem. This is her transgression, he continued.

“The family demands that there be an investigation and that the security forces interrogate everyone who worked there and everyone who was there, everyone should be judged. I want something to come and tell me ‘a, b, c’. There cannot be a situation where I send a girl to study and you get her on a stretcher intubated and sedated. It was very difficult, we had five hours of surgery. There is a foreign body in the brain from the object’s thrust and now we are standing in front of the CT that according to its results will decide whether another operation is needed, “Ben-Zino added.

Avraham calls on Am Yisrael to be mispallel for Tehila for a refuah shleima; Tehila bas Yael bsoch cholei yisrael.

Attorney Chaim Bleicher, who represents the family on behalf of Honenu said during the media statement: “We know that many terrorist attacks are not always planned to the finest detail, but they are often the result of opportunities for terrorists simply take advantage of the opportunity at the moment. Unfortunately, those [Arabs] who work in Israel, and we know from great experience, are consumed with hatred and nationalistic feelings, so there is sometimes a very serious fear that such an incident is not coincidental. We are talking about workers here, and according to testimonies that are beginning to reach us in the last few days, there have been provocations against girls in terms of inappropriate shouts directed at them.

“As soon as there is an event like this, the fear that this event is intentional, as the source from where the metallic object came from, the same people who were there, as there is sufficient cause for suspicion that it was nationalistically motivated. Therefore, this possibility cannot be eliminated so quickly. We demand once again that the police visit the scene and interrogate everyone who was there, including all the workers, an extensive investigation including gathering all the findings on site, including fingerprints and DNA because we have very strong suspicion that this event is not innocent, so as long as it is not done, we remain in great doubt regarding what occurred.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Authorities prefer to minimise the statistical number of terror attacks sometimes to save money but sometimes for political reasons.
    This has happened before.