Major Traffic Enforcement Operation On Jerusalem’s Derech Chevron Street


Jerusalem traffic enforcement police on Wednesday, carried out a major operation on Derech Chevron, which is classified as a “red zone”, which means there are many accidents. During the course of the day, 114 summonses were issued for offenses classified by police as “life threatening offenses”. Four vehicles were impounded due to “severe deficiencies”, police add in the report.

Thirty police personnel took part in the operation, some visible to motorists, which others were not.

The list of summonses issued:
• 5 summonses for running a red light
• 31 summonses for using a cellphone while driving
• 5 summonses for not yielding right of way to pedestrians in a crosswalk
• 3 summonses involving illegal operation of an electric bicycle
• 16 summonses for violations by pedestrians
• 9 summonses for erratic driving
• 7 summonses for driving without a seat belt or safety seat
• 38 summonses for additional violations
• 4 vehicles were impounded due to severe safety deficiencies

In addition, two drivers on motorcycles were apprehended without a license. They never got one and were driving anyone. Their vehicles were confiscated, and they will have to appear in court.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem/Photo Credit: Police Spokesman Unit)


  1. As a motorcyclist it boggles my mind these guys driving without licenses. The scooter in the picture is most likely a 125 cc which only requires an A2 motorcycle license. Assuming you already have a standard car drivers license, it’s the easiest thing to acquire – there isn’t any minimum level of classes, all you need to do is just pass the riding test.

    I was at a motorcycle shop about a year ago and some American guy in his early 20’s learning in some yeshiva here asked me for some advice on a scooter. After talking to him for a few minutes I ascertained he didn’t have a motorcycle license and didn’t have any intent of getting one. I told him there is no way any insurance would cover him without a proper license and he didn’t seem concerned. I asked him in that case what if God forbid he got in an accident and got hurt or caused others to be hurt… he just gave me a dumb grin as if he had no good answer but was pretty sure such a thing had no chance of happening so didn’t require him to worry about it.

    I love the sport and as a daily motorcycle commuter in Jerusalem I could never personally get used to another way to get around. However there is inherent risk involved and anyone who doesn’t even care about the basics will probably have reckless behavior on the road as well putting themselves and the rest of us in danger as well as raising insurance rates for responsible riders.