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Lapid Remains Firm on Chareidi Draft

idffnAs a coalition crisis brews in Israel, Yesh Atid party leader Finance Minister Yair Lapid remains firm in his determination to draft bnei yeshivos into the military. The following was posted on Lapid’s Facebook page.

“I want to be very clear about the burdens of equality: equality would be a burden or this government will break apart. From the first moment Yesh Atid has taken upon itself to be the responsible and stable component of the government. Also the passing of the budget and the vote in Knesset, I took upon myself the difficult and unpleasant all parts of government work, but if anyone thinks I went to politics only to solve the economic catastrophe that was left by the previous administration he does not understand why I am here.

“I’m not suggesting anyone be confused because I am in charge of the treasury. Yesh Atid will not acquiesce on this matter. Any attempt to torpedo the committee’s work will lead to the collapse of the coalition. There’s a historical opportunity to correct an injustice, to heal a wound at the heart of Israeli society.

“Anyone who harms this opportunity to seek to achieve political gain is sinning against Am Yisrael, Zionism, the IDF and every young person who reported to Bakum [induction base] to enlist.

“I have no intentions of letting it happen, and I urge the other parties in the coalition–particularly the Likud-pull yourself together. It’s time they behave as the vanguard and halt this game. This game does not bring dignity to anyone, it endangers the continued existence of the government, and it is preventing us from correcting this historic injustice.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Most nazis remained true to their principles until the very end (i.e.when they released the trap door at Nuremberg), with very few hinting that maybe the holocaust was a mistake.

    Lapid was elected on a platform of going to war against Torah, and he is keeping to this platform. His supporters see the Hareidim as the principle threat to Israeli survival. Those who fail to realize this are similar to those German Jews in the early 1930s who thought Hitler only had it in for those Jews who dress funny and talk funny and weren’t productive members of society – as they said back then.

  2. Is the mother of Lapid Harasha Jewish or is Yair’s father’s goyish blood that dominant that it overpowers his soul? Does anyone know his mother’s name?

  3. How dare you compare Lapid and his policies to that of the Nazis. The fact that you even try to do so shows that you know nothing of the past, and nothing of the present either.

  4. truthsharer:
    The comparison is not so off. Chazal have already taught us how to veiw past and present. The golus of Yavan that “only” threatened our spituality was seen by chazal as much if not worse a golus as the other 3 in which our lives were threatened.

  5. To compare asking chareidim to serve the same as anyone else, to the Nazis, is to denigrate the memory of those who perished Al Kiddush Hashem. Shame on you!

  6. truthsharer: You are right. The nazis were a mere annoyance. We know that Ha-Shem wouldn’t let the goyim destroy us, and true to form, Ha-Shem did a pretty good job of smushing the Germans (I know the Allied armies were important, but in baseball if someone hits a home run, do you credit the bat or the batter).

  7. To#3

    Yair Lapid’s Father was a Goy. His Mother was Jewish. Tommy’s (Yair’s Father)Mother had a reform conversion, back in Poland. Yes, Yair’s Neshama is messed up. It’s a shame Lipman & Piron cling to this Oes vorf.

  8. yanky55:
    You obviously do not live in Israel or do not follow the news. Lapid is not interested in burden sharing but rather is motivated by the hatred instilled in him by his father. The laws his party are busy working on range from chillul shabbos bfarhesia to mock geirus, women dayanim, pig meat sales to mention a few. Don’t be so narrow minded/ blinded. Get with the show and know who your enemies are instead of white washing.

  9. A “mere annoyance”. Killing millions of Jews, trashing businesses, and burning sefarim and sefer Torah’s was a “mere annoyance”. Tell that to a surviver. I suppose I am not nearly as liberal as you.

    Besides, the drafting does not involve the tragedy of slitting the throats of todlers or shooting a parent in front of the children, as seen in Nazi Germany.

    Lastly, go take a tour of Germany or other parts of Europe today. I don’t think Ha-Shem did a pretty good job of smushing the Germans (and haters of the Jews) {we can’t question the way of Ha-Shem}.

  10. This article put a smile on my face. Strong words but spoken by someone who did not see a day of active duty in his life, but spent his army stint having fun in Tel Aviv producing the army newspaper. It was good for a chuckle or two.

  11. #9.

    Very interesting. Where did you get this information? How reliable is it? I have always suspected something was “not kosher” with his father. He always appeared to me like a Chazir. It is truly unfortunate and makes me very sad to think that there are probably hundreds of “Jews” like him living in Erez Hakadosh our Golden Medina.

  12. #9, Baloney, there was no Reform in Poland 40-50 years ago, if ever. Stop the hysteria! Stop the chillul HaShem!

  13. Well said #11. #10- Shame on you as well. FYI- I am well aware of what is going on in Israel. 90% of my family live there (that would be well over 100 people). To compare ANYTHING going on in E”Y to what the Nazis did, is simply despicable. You people make me sick to my stomach.

  14. Lapid and any other rasha in the knesset motivated to destroy Torah (now I don’t need all you ppl who are brainwashed and ignoramus, telling me: ” thats not their motivation”) is from AMALEIK like many other jew/ torah haters we came across thru-out history which we say, timche es zecher…… How dumb can they be to see anyone try to do what they are now attempting, that completely fell.
    If they love politics, they should get involved in something like keeping Israel’s oceans clean where they’ll probably get some credit from almost everyone, and continue their political life for a really long time.

  15. Yair Lapid is a sad and pathetic individual. He is constantly being eaten up inside by the hatred instilled in him from birth towards anything Torahdik, which grows and grows as he sees the people of the torah and its bastions of learning, beautiful homes and generations flourish, while unfortunately the secular Israeli education wystem is flailing, the birth rate is stagnant and we are no less liked or accepted on the world scene than we ever were.
    Why get sidetracked with comparisons to the Nazis or other reshaim?
    His threat is real and his hatred strong. He threatens the lifeblood of our people – the pre-eminence of Torah and its value. Klal Yisrael need to work on our commitment to the Torah and its values, that is our only defense against this rasha.

  16. To #13:

    Not only that. Ariel Sharon is not Jewish either! I heard it on a Shiur that Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi (from Monsey)gave. He has mentioned it numerous times. I heard the Shiur on Jroute Radio 97.5 FM in Brooklyn.

  17. So tell us yanky55 what your 100 relatives are reporting to you. Your relatives are telling you that Lapid is not interested in destroying orthodox jewry? Mock geirus chill Shabbos and obliterating the chief rabbinate does not bother any of your 100 relatives?

  18. #22-Unlike you, they all have bitochon that Orthodox Jewry will never be destroyed no matter who is in the coalition.

  19. Yanky55,
    perhaps you think that the Jews of that faught against the yevanim those who prayed and fasted during the decree of haman, and so many other other Jewish people who Jewish orthodoxy is in existence due to their sacrifices also did not have bitachon that Judaism will never be destroyed.

  20. #24- Two things. First, I do not think that. Second, after deciphering what you were trying to say, I would suggest that if you post on this site, you learn to write English properly.

  21. #24 – It sounds like you are outnumbered, you should really get this delicate issue straight and not let yourself get influenced by the lefts propaganda.

    Shanon had a very good point there, and you only made sounded worse by attacking her vocabular. You’ve implied that what she said is the truth- and truth hurts.

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