Renewed Battle To Halt Bnei Brak Light Rail Construction On Shabbos


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The matter of the Chilul Shabbos involved in the construction of the Bnei Brak light rail has dropped from the public agenda in recent months, but this coming Shabbos will mark a renewal as the organization calling itself ‘Nemanei Shabbos’ is calling for public kabolas Shabbos in areas of the city.

According to residents of the Torah city, Chilul Shabbos on the light rail project has resumed during recent weeks, on Shabbosim, and the Chilul Shabbos is actually closer to the city, near Rabbi Akiva Street.

Mayor Chanoch Zeibert did organize a major atzeres tefilla on a Friday night on Jabotinsky Street, with Admorim Shlita backing the move.

Now, the organization calling itself Nemanei Shabbos is at the forefront of the battle. The organization is headed by Rabbi Chaim Zaltz (זלץ), calling on residents to participate in the Friday night atzeres tefilla this week, at the intersection of Rabbi Akiva and Jabotinsky Streets. The time advertised for kabolas Shabbos is 7:15 PM.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)