Major Drug Bust in Modi’in Illit


On Thursday morning, police detectives initiated a search in the Charedi city of Modi’in Illit after they learned about an operation in which cannabis, which is still illegal in Israel without a medical prescription, was being mixed into chocolate balls and then sold.

During the search, detectives together with uniformed officers found and confiscated 35 balls that had already been prepared with marijuana in them. The dessert items were already prepared and separated into tins. In addition to the prepared items, police also confiscated marijuana butter, and prepared portions of what is suspected to be processed marijuana.

A resident of the city, in his twenties, is suspected of illegal possession and distribution of the drugs. He was arrested and taken for questioning. He has been arraigned until the first of April.

A Spokesperson for the Police Department said: “The police will continue to crack down in our unending battle against the creation and dissemination of drugs. The import and trade of popular drugs amid the Israeli public harms the quality of life for all residents. It impacts their way of life, their right to live peaceful lives and public health and safety.”