Degel Hatorah Enlists Bochrim To Help Get 8th Knesset Seat, Which Appears Likely


Degel Hatorah officials put the word out to Yeshiva Bochrim, asking for anyone capable of coming to assist to review the protocols received by the party pertaining to polling stations nationwide. They are instructed to compare the reports from the individual polling stations with the official results submitted to the Central Elections Committee in the hope of finding the approximately 200 additional votes needed to get an eighth Knesset seat.

The message that went out was one of ‘alarm’ as the party’s officials work tirelessly to find the additional votes, hoping to gain that eighth seat.

Since last week, the party has succeeded in getting to the polling stations in all areas nationwide where the party enjoys a healthy voting base.

At the time of this report, based on the ongoing recount, Yahadut Hatorah has reached the eighth seat and Likud has dropped one, to 35, but nothing is final until announced on Wednesday.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)