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IDF Emphasizes “No Progress” Made in Locating Body of Israeli Spy Eli Cohen

The IDF Spokesperson on Monday, Chol Hamoed Pesach, put out a statement denying any progress in locating the body of legendary Israeli spy Eli Cohen.

There were several reports last week claiming that Russian officials had taken Cohen’s remains out of Syria, where he was executed more than five decades ago.

The Russian Foreign Ministry put out a statement last Wednesday “resolutely refuting” the claim, which it described as a “provocation.” It urged the Israeli media to show a more “accurate, professional and honest approach to coverage of such sensitive issues.”

Cohen infiltrated the top echelons of Syria’s leadership in the early 1960s and obtained top-secret intelligence before he was caught and publicly executed in 1965.

On Monday, the IDF responded to the rumors, putting a statement that reads: “Following a number of queries, the IDF Spokesperson would like to emphasize that no progress has been made in locating the body of Eli Cohen, and that reports claiming Russian retrieval of his body are incorrect.”



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