Vandals Cause Significant Damage To A Lod Shul


Vandals during the night (Tuesday to Wednesday, May 14th to 15th) broke into the Beit Tefilla Shul in the Givat Zeitim neighborhood of Lod and desecrated the shul. The shul’s mispallalim arrived on Wednesday morning for davening and were shocked and horrified at the sight, the extensive damage and destruction.

The shul gabbai explained that the burglars tried to open the Aron Kodesh with a key. “It is still too early to say what was stolen and what is not,” says the gabbai, who is waiting for the decision of the police investigators.

For now, it seems that the burglars entered the area while breaking the door. The amud was broken and destroyed, a shofar was removed from its box and thrown away, causing serious and heavy damage to it as well as other items in the shul.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)