150 Hatzolah Members From Around The Globe Attend International Hatzolah Conference in Jerusalem [VIDEO & PHOTOS]


In a first of its kind collaboration, Magen David Adom along with Chevra Hatzolah and Hatzolah organizations from around the world are holding an international conference in Israel

The international conference was initiated by Magen David Adom (MDA) and Hatzolah New York and is set to take place between Monday May 20, 2019 and Thursday May 23, 2019. Over 150 participants from around the world will be treated to a wide array of training, special seminars, and will partake in live action drills which are designed to teach participants to manage complex incidents including Mass Casualty Incidents (MCI), terror attacks and motor vehicle collisions.

Hatzolah members from 40 divisions are at the conference, including Australia, Chile, Mexico, London, Antwerp, LA, Miami all NYC, Lakewood, Argentina and many others.

MDA is in constant contact with Hatzolah organizations around the world, providing training seminars around the world to improve the response to emergency incidents in the Jewish communities. The international conference being held this week in Israel will expose participants to MDA’s activities in Israel, and the unique challenges facing MDA personnel on a daily basis.

Hatzolah New York President, Yitzchak Stern: “50 years ago, a man named Hershel Weber was walking in Brooklyn when all of a sudden, he noticed a man with chest pain on the side of the road. He called 911 and they waited 45 minutes for an ambulance, during which time the man’s condition deteriorated and he unfortunately passed away. In that moment, he decided to purchase an oxygen tank and medical equipment and ask some of his friends to do the same. This is how Hatzolah New York began. In the years that followed, the organization grew, and to date there are many branches around the world. Our unique collaborative project with MDA began during the Gulf War when we assisted MDA with the purchase of radios. In the 20 years since, Hatzolah’s medical teams have trained alongside Magen David Adom and even provide mutual aid when needed during wars and other emergency situations. This conference, the first of its kind, is of the utmost importance to both organizations, and is a true testament to the partnership between the organizations who work together to save lives.”

MDA Director General, Eli Bin: “We are working to train EMTs and paramedics in Jewish communities around the world in Magen David Adom’s protocols and standards of care, which are some of the elite in the world. In addition to saving lives in Israel, MDA assists in saving lives around the world. This unique and special conference, which was organized in collaboration with Hatzolah New York, opens the doors for emergency medical providers around the world to learn from MDA’s vast experience in saving lives and learn from the unique challenges MDA has learned to cope with over the years.”

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The convention is also the forum chosen for members of the Executive Branch of Chevra Hatzolah to officially announce the formation of Hatzolah Emergency Air Response Team (HatzolAir), to become operational during the summer of 2019, as reported by YWN World Headquarters.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Sounds crazy, but can you imagine if one of the guys has a heart attack ch’v at the conference. Which guy responds?
    (Kidding, I know al tiftach pe l’satan)