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Chareidi-Hating Tiveria Mayor Ron Kobi May Run For Knesset

Tiveria Mayor Ron Kobi, who was elected to City Hall on his vehemently anti-chareidi platform, may seek a spot in the 22nd Knesset. Kobi has been mayor for about six months, and has yet to succeed in passing the city budget, as the religious and chareidi parties are in opposition, and have toppled his efforts to move forward due to his ongoing efforts to increase Chilul Shabbos in the city. While the mayor has six seats, he hasn’t yet managed to assemble a coalition. At the end of June, if a budget has not been passed, the Interior Ministry will step in, and possibly usurp his control over the city.

On Sunday, Kobi’s Facebook page became a forum to test the waters, citing a poll initiated by Simion Grafman, which shows that Kobi wishes to outdo Avigdor Lieberman in his opposition to the chareidi sector by promoting public transportation on Shabbos.

The poll relied on thousands who follow him to gauge public support for his war against chareidim on the municipal and national level, seeking to determine how much support Kobi would have as head of a new secular traditional party. This party would immediately cancel the Shabbos Supermarket Law which permits the Interior Ministry to override a decision by local government to permit stores to open on Shabbos, a law pushed through by the chareidi parties. He insists ‘sharing the burden’, serving in the IDF, will also be high on his agenda. 70% voted for Kobi over Lieberman, who only received 30% of the vote.

Speaking to the media on Monday, Kobi explained he is right-wing secular, and he feels that Lieberman made a few errors, and he believes that Lieberman is not as strong as he believes to be the case, adding “we will see”. He added that Bibi is likely to win the elections, but he will need parties at this side to join with him.

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(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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