The Miracle In The Sderot Yeshiva Surrounding Last Week’s Rocket Attack


HaRav Shlomo Binyamini is the Rosh Yeshiva in the yeshiva hit last week by rocket fire from Gaza, explaining the events as they occurred were nothing less than a miracle. A talmid of the yeshiva says: If the rocket would have hit a few meters to the side, I do not know if I would be here”.

The rocket struck the Sderot yeshiva building on Thursday, and the Rosh Yeshiva insists that the fact that no one was injured or worse is a miracle. In an interview with News12, the rav explained, “A miracle occurred. The rocket struck six meters (yards) from three talmidim who were in yeshiva. Ten minutes earlier, there were an additional fifteen talmidim there to daven maariv”.

The rav explained to the evening news that they had just recited Perek 23 in Tehillim
“גם כי אלך בגיא צלמות לא אירא רע כי אתה עמדי שבטך ומשענתך המה ינחמוני” is what saved them.

Talmid Yeshiva Shalom Kahlon added, “We were seated and speaking and suddenly, the Red Alert was head. Then there was a loud blast. At the very moment we got down on the ground, I said Shema Yisrael in my heart. This is my emunah and this is what saved me. A moment later, the blast occurred and there was a great deal of sparks, light and smoke. The yeshiva was smart when it fortified the place well. If it would have struck a few meters to the side, I don’t know if I would be here”.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)