Degel Hatorah Head In Tiveria: We Are Willing To Begin Anew With Mayor Kobi But It’s Up To Him


Shortly after Tiveria Mayor Ron Kobi withdrew his petition with the High Court of Justice on Tuesday, after the court did not wish to hear it, Degel Hatorah Chairman in Tiveria, David Ochana, told Kikar Shabbos News “We said all along that if a balanced budget is presented – we will approve it”.

“What occurred until today is that he brought an unreasonable budget, an inflated budget, and that is why we have not approved it”. He clarified, “If he now submits all the documents and there seems to be no deficit, surely we will approve it. If he continues his antics, we will not approve it”.

When asked if the chareidim are willing to begin anew, he stated “Yes, we have always come with clean hands”.

Will you permit him opportunity to pass the budget?
Of course, but it is up to him. If he continues his antics, it will not pass.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)