TEHILLIM – Three American Yeshiva Bochrim Involved In Crash In Teveriya – One Critical


Three American Yeshiva Bochrim on a “Bein Hazminim trip” were injured in an early-morning crash in Teveriya.

It happened at around 4:00AM on Gedod Street in the city, when the driver lost control of the vehicle and crashed into an electric pole.

Magen David Adom transported the three Bochrim to Poriya Hospital.

One of the boys was in critical condition, with the other two suffering non-life-threatening injuries.

Hospital officials say the critical patient suffered a spinal fracture, and was undergoing surgery.

Sources tell YWN that the Bochrim live in Boro Park.

Police are investigating what caused the crash.

Names for Tehillim are:
Aryeh Tzvi ben Malka Rochel Perel
Shlomo ben Nechama Nasa
Sholom ben Rochel

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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Sorry to hear about heir injuries. But what are “Yeshivah Bachurim” doing at 4 am in the morning driving around. . Oh ya going to daven Netz… NOT. Go back to America

  2. I’m very saddened by this tragedy and hope these bachurim have a Refuah shliema bekarov.
    Your response is disturbing to the core and shows your lack sensitivity to your own nation.
    Other than the fact that what they were doing at that hour is none of your business it is also grotesque to rule out that they went to daven vasikin as that is a normal thing for a bachurim to during bein hazmanim when in the north.
    Also to send them back to America?
    Seemingly you are too busy getting influenced by the various goyim around you and the media. Leave it to Trump to dispel people from their own land.
    Bachurim have every right to be any Eretz Yisroel whenever they wish, if you believe otherwise you can join the ranks of Abbas and Ahmadinejad.
    In other words focus on the right things and daven for their refuah shliema , meanwhile we will daven for you.

  3. Yeshivishbochur, why you bring Trump into this has no relevance and zero connection to this story. Though we don’t know the full details of the story, Hatzolah, law enforcement, and yeshivas provide constant reminders to 1. Wear seatbelts 2. No alcohol before driving 3. Always obey local road signs and speed limits (including texting and driving!) Those injured should have a complete Refuah Shleimah, but certainly these types of accidents are usually preventable under normal behavior and it’s understandable to believe an element of foul play was involved.

  4. Tgishabbos
    Although what you write is possible and even likely, it carries little relevance and is glaring evidence to your misunderstanding of my words.
    My point isnt to prove what happened in actuality, rather it’s ; why is this “investigation” our business? Why can’t we just sit and daven for them? Secondly why so astutely disregard a possible scenario which would leave this bachurim in a good light? And thirdly what does “go back to America” mean?! Does the writer take an issue with bachurim coming to their homeland during bien hazmanim?