Degel Hatorah Chairman Gafne Blasts Ruling Prohibiting MBD Concert


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Degel Hatorah chairman MK Moshe Gafne spoke out regarding a Haifa court ruling to order the cancelation of Monday’s planned MBD concert in Haifa. Gafne shouted “what is this madness and how can we continue like this” in his response to the court ruling that a concert for the chareidi tzibur in accordance with the chareidi lifestyle is prohibited by the nation’s highest court.

Gafne decries how “singers are brought from around the world, from anywhere in the world with Chilul Shabbos, and this is okay. But when it comes to a number of men, in a closed hall, and to permit them to listen to their music isn’t permitted?”

He added, “Their culture is culture, but our culture is not culture”, warning of the dangerous process that has begun, insisting he will not permit this agenda to continue.

Gafne attacked the justices and the attorney general. He rejected “their culture” and we will bring a halt to what is taking place. He blasted the ongoing incitement against the chareidi tzibur, and the decision of the court prohibiting the planned men’s-only event in Haifa.

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(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. This is what the elected officials of the chareidi party concern themselves with?! The chareidi leadership has utterly failed their constituents.

    Why in the world should chareidim waste their limited resources on concerts?!

    Where is the chareidi leadership?

  2. That country really is an apartheid state. Not as it relates to Palestinians but as it relates to Torah Jews. This happened on the eve of the דברי יואל’s yortzeit. What did he say about the ציוני government? Their ceaseless hatred towards Torah Jews is despicable.