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Bayit Yehudi: We Will Leave Coalition if Building in Yosh & Yerushalayim are Halted

bibeThe Bayit Yehudi party has decided that it will not tolerate another construction freeze in Yehuda and Shomron. During a closed session of a faction meeting earlier this week, party leaders made the decision, which was not officially announced to the media but rather leaked unofficially.

Party MK Shuli Moalem-Refaeli announced on Tuesday, 16 Menachem Av 5773 “the continuation of building throughout Yehuda, Shomron and Yerushalayim will have a direct impact on the party’s continued participating in the coalition.”

She added that the construction freeze policy of the previous administration was a mistake and Bayit Yehudi will not be part of a coalition that repeats such a mistake.

Joining in was party chairwoman MK Ayelet Shaked, who added “We expect Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to fulfill the promises he made to party leader Naftali Bennett regarding building.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Akuperma, enough with your silly comments. Nobody is taking torah away from haredim, just let them do their part for klal Yisroel.

  2. Facts on the ground are crucial. The more Jews in the so called and miss named settlements the harder it Will be to force them to move.

  3. If only they were as tough and unconpromising in areas
    of Yiddiskeit as they are in issues involving land, they never would have teemed up with Lapid

  4. Blah blah blah. Its all nonsense. if they really cared they should pull out for TALKING about giving away land. How many times had party’s said they will pull out only to see the light

  5. #2
    You’re losing your patience? Is anyone forcing you to read comments you don’t like? You guys are amazing, WHENEVER YOU GET STUCK AND HAVE NO ANSWER, YOU’RE ONLY OPTION IS INSULTS AND NAME CALLING?! A BUNCH OF LOSERS

  6. To akuperman
    The land is ours by authority of the Torah. If you don’t care about the land then I would suggest that your concern for Torah is also lacking

  7. #2 Akuperma has something that you and many posters do not have. JEWISH PRIDE with a head on his/her shoulder! Unlike others on here, s/he is not embarrassed with his/her yiddishkeit. If more charedim would have internet, YWN posts would be flooded with posts of Jewish pride.

  8. WHy is there only one “important Mitsva” – by them – Yishuv Ha’areta?

    And who said that what they are doing (like living in places where there are tons of Arabs) is correct Halachically to those of them who care about Halacha – many of them dont)

  9. To whomever said: “The land is ours by authority of the Torah. ”

    Tell that to the zionists. If you claim a house by a deed, and the deed (as do most deeds in the eastern USA) claims the land was based by various owners back to an original grant by such and such king, meaning the “chain of title” rests of that original royal grant — then you look pretty silly if you deny the legitimacy of that king and maintain that the legal system under which you claim title is void, and perhaps never existed.

    Those who rule over most of Eretz Yisrael at present deny Torah, deny that Ha-Shem ever gave us the land, and deny the validity of Ha-Shem’s law, and persecute the hareidim for insisting that the Jewish claim to Eretz Yisrael is based on Ha-Shem. From a secular basis, the zionists have no legal or moral claim to Eretz Yisrael since the Arabs have been there for over a millenia, and no clear title other than what is based on Torah (which the Israeli’s don’t hold by).

  10. #7 You’re right. The land is ours legally but it is not one of the 613 mitzvot required from every single Jew. We do not have to have mesirut nefesh and give up Torah and yiddishkeit for it by joining a secular G-dless army who are out to secularize Torah Jews in order to preserve it, like we must have mesirut nefesh for Shabbat and Torah.

    “If you don’t care about the land then I would suggest that your concern for Torah is also lacking.” Such a warped statement can only be said by a Zionist who only keeps 2 “homemade mitzvot”: 1. fighting for the land, 2. standing like dumbbells for two minutes twice a year.

  11. akuperma is right.

    the tekuma rabbis has said dont harm the torah, they havent done anything instead stay in the government while budget cuts are happening to mosdos, now theres yishuv haaretz on the line they talk about leaving

    now tel me which is more important

  12. The whole concept of slowing down the building on “stolen lands, not owned by Israel” is as crazy as saying the US will discontinue building in Southern Texas because it may offend Mexico, because perhaps it is Mexican land. The land of Israel is ours.

  13. “The land is to them, what Torah is to the Hareidim.”

    Rov Soloveitchik z’tz’l strongly objected to what he considered the overemphasis of many Israeli Religious Zionists on settlements at the expense of Jewish education.

  14. בנט חצוף גדול, נוכח דברי הבלע והנאצה שמלא פיו של אותו רשע בימים האחרונים בפרט.

    אין מה לומר רק לקרוא עליו את הפסוק הזה “והשב לשכיניניו שבעתיים על חיקם חרפתם אשר חרפוך ה’ “. בטוחים אנו שכבר מתמלאית סאתו של אותו רשע במדה כה גדושה, עד שבמהרה יבוא מפלתו. ואז יהא זה מפלה כה ככואב וצורב לאותו רשע.

    ובקשתנו ותפלתינו כלפי שמיא הוא “עד מתי תשמע קול צורריך שאון קמיך עולה תמיד” עד מתי תחריש נוכח חלילו שמך הקדוש על ידי אותו רשע. אנא ה’ שלח לו את מפלתו ועל ידי זה יתקדש שמך הגדול בעולם וידעו כי אתה שמך ה’ לבדך עליון על כל הארץ, אית דין ואית דיין ולא כל הישר בעיני איש יעשה.

    ואל הצורר לפיד אנו פונים ואומרים, גדולים יותר ממך כבר שילמו מחיר כבד על מלחמתם ביהדות ועל דברי הנאצה. המתן עוד מעט קט ותיווכח לראות את מפלתך, עד שלא תדע מאיפה זה הגיע לך, ואז כבר יהיה מאוחר מדי.

    אך לפחות תזכה שיתקדש שם שמים על ידך, ואתה תהיה קרבן שכולם יווכחו לראות שיש אלוקים שופטים בארץ, אף שאינך ראוי לזכות זו. סופך יהא כפרעה והבאים אחריו שעל ידו נוכחו כל יושבי תבל לדעת שיש אלוקים בעולם.

    המצפים למפלת הרשעים ולהרמת קרן התורה הקדושה במהרה.

  15. Amazing how Akuperma is mekayeim “V’higesah boh yomom va’laya” in regards to posting on YWN, as opposed to learning the Torah he preaches about.

    Hey, Stamar. I’m losing patience too. So why don’t you just crawl back under your rock in Willi or Monroe and keep your idiotic comments to yourself? Btw, did you make it past 6th grade yet?

  16. Satmar is such an example of Achdus that we should all emulate. Oh, the brothers went to secular court, oh well, forget about it, lol. They are like the Arabs, without a common enemy, they’d kill each other.

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