Israel: Cement Blocks Dropped from Roof as Police Respond to a Domestic Dispute [VIDEO]


During the predawn hours on Shabbos morning, the police emergency call center received a domestic violence call in Kafr Nahf, an Arab town in the Northern District of Israel.

The father of the family was holed up in the home while holding a knife, threatening to injure himself. In addition, one of the children was on a roof threatening if someone nears the home, he will jump from the roof.

A police negotiating team arrived on the scene along with other forces as they worked to talk the father down. Eventually, police fired a taser at the father as seen in the accompanying video, bringing the incident to an end.

As police were neutralizing the father, cement blocks were hurled at them from the roof by a son. One of them struck a policeman in a hand, causing a fracture. He was transported to an area hospital.

Three family members, ages 30, 32 and 59 were taken into custody.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)