18 Fire Apparatus Fighting a Blaze Near Tzur Hadassah [VIDEO]


A large brush fire broke out in a forest near Tzur Hadassah early Sunday afternoon, compelling firefighters to dig a ‘defensive barrier’ to prevent the blaze from reaching the nearby community. In addition to the 18 fire apparatus working to bring the fire under control, additional companies are being called from areas out of the Jerusalem district.

Firefighting planes are also involved in preventing the spread of the blaze, as the hot and dry conditions are expected to continue this week throughout Israel.

Fire commander report that the ambient temperature in the area is 26 centigrade (78 Fahrenheit) with 20 KPH (12 MPH) wind gusts and 15% humidity, providing ideal conditions for the fire to spread.

B’chasdei Hashem, at the time of this report there are no injuries reported and firefighters are preventing the fire from reaching Tzur Hadassah.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem/Video Credit: Jerusalem district fire spokesman Uri Gal)