WATCH: Israel Police Brutality Caught on Camera Again, This Time in Bnei Brak


Once again, Israeli police have been caught on video using unjustifiable force against a man who was riding an electric bike.

It is reported that he was placed on the ground, handcuffed and arrested all because he did not have his teudat zehut (identity card) on him when asked to identify himself.

A woman’s voice can be heard in the background crying, as well as saying “take off your kippa” to the frum policeman.


(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. This, on its surface, is inexplicable! There’s got to be more to it! Hopefully so! The person is crying in pain – adults usually don’t cry like that. Why the force? Can you then blame the Israeli public for their disdain for police?

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  3. Um, am I missing something? I don’t see any police brutality but I do see someone creating drama by screaming for nothing and resisting arrest causing police having to use extra force. And we don’t know the backstory to this. Why was he asked to identify himself? The police don’t stop random people in the street.

  4. 1) It is obvious he was evading identifying himself to the police. He claimed not to remember his teudat zehut number, this is practically IMPOSSIBLE for an adult in Israel as the number is required for all kinds of day to day transactions, as any israeli will affirm. At the very least it is extremely suspicious.
    2) They were arresting him very calmly, standing up, when he tripped of his own accord on the edge of the sidewalk and fell, so they continued the arrest on the ground. No violence involved.

    Please YWN, cut the sensationalist clickbait and stick to the facts.

  5. I agree with georgeg.
    At :32 the suspect drops himself to the ground and pulls the cop who is holding him with him. He is screaming and creating drama to avoid arrest. He is screaming the same way a toddler who is found with a “stolen” lollipop would scream in an effort to keep the lolly.

  6. Once again – very sad to have to witness police relegated to dealing with mentally disturbed individuals. They clearly handled it properly .
    I’m sure the cop with peyos is an anti-Semite or Haredi- hater because that’s the narrative the weirdos want you to believe .

  7. philosopher – of course you are missing something! Didn’t you read the title of the article? It doesn’t matter what your eyes clearly see (I.E. that in fact, the suspect pulled the officer to the ground and not that he was pushed to the ground; not to mention that the officer himself is a chareidi Jew). What’s important is how the media is swaying the article. That’s what we are supposed to believe! Stop using your common sense and your scrutinizing observation.

  8. This is ridicules… there is nothing disturbing here and no brutality. Don’t resist arrest and you won’t be thrown to the ground… it’s called “obey the law”.

  9. “It is reported that he was placed on the ground, handcuffed and arrested”
    If you watch closely it’s he that tripped and fell while pulling the police with him, maybe that’s what made them mad..

  10. The truth is Israel is treating some of the chareidi criminally insane gangsters and traitors with kid gloves,some of these traitorous gangsters should be treated just as harshly as the Arab terrorist’s

  11. philosopher November 10, 2019 3:58 pm at 3:58 pm
    “Um, am I missing something?”
    u sure are missing something ,middoes, and compassion. if it was your brother or son being treated like that are u ok with him being treated like that?and yes i expect more from a yarmulke wearing policemen towards a fellow jew if it was someone he ravens with would he treat him like that if he needs to face him shabbos in shul?
    not having your ID may warrant a summons but not to be man handled like that thats outright brutality and here in the US would be open for a lawsuit but in socialist israel they can still get away with it
    i can tell you one thing i feel bad for this guys wife and kids if this is the way he acts in public who knows how he acts at home perhaps he had to prove to the non religious cops that he’s capable of being forceful even to one of his own from co religious brothers but no excuse at all!! shame shame if this is what the medina causes from people to act out

  12. There IS a difference between FORCE and BRUTALITY. While force was definitley in use here, i personally fail to see the brutality. Also the detainee seemed to fall out of nowhere. It may be that the police are out of line here, nut from this segment its difficult to ascertain if thats true.
    The truth of the matter is that the training the police recieve over there is very sub-par in dealing with your everyday police job, and its always escalated to a major confrontation. I was a bachur there and my brother and i stopped at elis to get schwarma before i was to drive him to the airport. As i’m leaving this man comes in with a threatening gait, his face partially covered with a scarf and he’s mumbling something in an angry manner. being on the way to the airport i didnt have time to pay to much attention, and after a fleeting thought of “is this guy a rambling terrorist”? continued on my way out the door. At that point i felt someone grab my shoulder and holler in hebrew i said dont go outside you didnt hear me”? i just stared at him thinking how asinine this whole thing was, and said no. he turned around and said something about chefetz chashud… while i slipped out… and ran to my rental.
    In short, theres no effective communication, theres only confrontation. That lack of professionalism leads brutality and outright hooliganism. its a real issue.

  13. So for whatever reason the officer was trying to place him in handcuffs. He resists and trips over the curb falling down. Then he screams like a maniac because he’s being arrested. Can the author of the article please explain where the police brutality was?

  14. I’m a ger chusid I’m ashamed to be the same chusid of this ugly mishtara member! I can say with an open mouth that this guy is not even Jewish he was just adopted by a Jewish family… and that stupid guy who left a comment that ywn has a satmar spokesperson just doesn’t have the most IQ he thinks that only satmar people are aloud to have competion. (I wonder how you treat your wife….) in other words ISREALI POLICE ARE MORDERS!! The chilul hesham is big it’s not only famous by ywn it’s also known in the whole entire world

  15. i definitely see brutality he wasnt a threat to anyone and wasnt physical. they were going to take him home to get his ID but one of the non religious cops vetoed it and it went south from their but asking somone for ID to then escalate to this shows a basic lack of training where ones personal feelings get in the way and instead of de-escalating a situation the cops escalated it to the point where the boy was actually hurt

  16. DWKL1, I don’t know the story behind the arrest and you don’t know either. All I can see is someone screaming like an idiot ( even if someone would c”v be arrested for nothing they wouldn’t scream like this as if they are going murdered…) and resisting arrest. I don’t see the police acting with brutality, I only see them acting with force which is normal in a case where someone resists arrest.

    Whether I’m related to someone or not, if they are innocent I would stick up for them, if they are criminals who committed crimes which they need to be locked up for, they get my criticism. I have done neither here, neither defend nor condemn the suspect or the police for arresting him. All I said was that the title of this article is a lie, there is no police brutality here, only police force which is normal in a case where a suspect resists arrests.

    You should work on your middos and have hakaros hatov to the police who keep criminals and terrosits and drug pushers and addicts off the streets and be dan l’kaf zchus these brave men in uniform.

  17. Luckyme, you write ” I can say with an open mouth that this guy is not even Jewish, he was just adopted by a Jewish family…” Do you see his adoption papers too?!

    It’s disgusting that frum people disrespect the pllice that put in so much effort to keep them safe and who they coming running to when they need their help. With such an attitude, is it any wonder that the police if the police have anti-Chareidi bias too?

    Your sentence “ISREALI POLICE ARE MORDERS!!” just shows your twisted mentality.

  18. Hi Mr. philosopher. I wonder when you will be the next one to arrest (because it doesn’t sound that you have most good middos) will you stick up for this ugly people what are now ashamed in the whole entire world with the same nonsense comment of הכרות הטוב?

  19. First of all the guy tripped off the side walk onto the road. As the policeman tried nonchalantly to handcuff him he started resisting and it snowballed from there. Give me a break it was done very professionally. As far as the women in the background are concerned by them screaming they are just adding fuel to the fire.

    I just don’t get it why is it always when the police are trying to do there job there is ALWAYS a discussion between them and the other party. In Galut the Goy has more kavod for the police. Unbelievable. I guess that’s how it is when we are one big “family”.. Anything goes

  20. The huge number of comments on this story is a curiosity. It gives me the impression that YWN readers think the biggest problem facing Israel is its own cops. I abhor police brutality, but, as other commenters have noted, the evidence here is ambiguous at best. So why the alarm at this story?

  21. Amazes me the people who always find a way to defend police. They clearly are more rough here than they need to be. the police in Israel are so unprofessional. They are thugs.

  22. achmed_the_arab you are such a kofer look at yourself for two seconds and look at what an embarrassment to klal yisroel you are. you probably are some 15 year old loser with some classic jewish name like shloimie or yitzy. YOU’RE the meshugana.